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10-2-2015 2-46-18 PMLast week I watched a movie. That is not unusual; I watch a lot of movies. What was unusual is it made me question some of the premise of the movie.

10,000 BC is a 2008 American epic fantasy adventure film from Warner Bros. Pictures set in the prehistoric era. The hero, D’Leh, kills a woolly mammoth and wins a White Spear. Then, raiders come and some from the village are captured. While trying to rescue them, they travel to an advanced civilization in Egypt. There slaves are building a pyramid.

I won’t tell you what happens from there. It was a good movie and I would recommend it to you.

But . . .

While I was watching, I questioned why the producers would use prehistoric characters and pyramids in Egypt. I thought they were at different places on the time continuum. Turns out, they are on the same continuum. How weird is that?

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Did you know that the Battle of the Bighorn (Custer’s Last Stand) was in 1889? So was the birth of Adolf Hitler. Because we study Hitler in World War II (which happened in the mid 1940s), we don’t think about him being around in the time of the Indian Wars.

Did you know that Harry Houdini, a magician and escapist, was born during the time of the California Gold Rush in 1874? During the same time frame, the Great Chicago Fire of 1874 burned down 47 acres of the city, destroying 812 buildings, killing 20 people, and resulting in the fire insurance industry demanding municipal reforms from Chicago’s city council.

When I was in school learning about these things, I learned them as separate incidents and did not make a connection. Kids today look up everything and if they did the same thing I did this morning, they can see the connections right away.

Did you know that for the first time in modern history there are four generations represented in the workplace, each with their own distinct set of values, characteristics, and priorities? This year Millennials (those with birth years between 1980-2000) will enter the workforce as the Boomers (those with birth years between 1946 and 1964) begin to leave.

On October 16, Lori King-Taylor will be at the Center for Lifelong Learning to talk about Managing Across Generations. This course will explore why different generations have different expectations and desires. She will explain the strengths, challenges and personalities of each of the four types. The class is scheduled from 8:30am to 11:30am. The fee is $150 and CEUs will be offered for those who need them for professional development. The fee includes a continental breakfast and handouts.

Lori King-Taylor, M.Ed., holds a Master of Education in Training and Development from The Pennsylvania State University and a Bachelor of Science in Adult Education from Athens State University. A highly effective workshop facilitator, consultant and executive coach, Lori has worked with individuals at all levels of employment from entry level to executive. Lori has extensive experience in leadership development and organizational effectiveness and is a certified to administer the Everything DiSC Personality Assessment, 360 Evaluations and the Index of Emotional Intelligence. She is also a Certified John Maxwell Trainer and Coach.

You can call 256-233-8260 for more information or register online at www.athens.edu/CLL.
By: Wanda Campbell
Center for Lifelong Learning – 121 South Marion Street, Athens, AL 35611 – 256-233-8262

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