Your Seat At The Table Through Influence & Voice

By: Jackie Warner

December is here. Wow! What a year it has been. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you and your families. As we look to 2020, I bring no New Year resolutions but a question of purpose for your journey…my journey and the journey of those around us. What are you doing with your seat at the table?

If you have a seat at the table, then don’t just sit! Leverage it for the good of all. There are too many individuals holding a “sit” at the table, bringing very little, if even any value. Having the seat means recognizing that it comes with responsibilities. Your seat at the table is a place where influence and power are wielded, and every person must take it seriously if she or he wants to participate. Those of you who have the power and authority to choose the participants at the table should choose wisely and not get confused with choosing safe. But the selections must come with a purpose of inclusion and real progressiveness instead of group think.

Remember to not confuse having a seat at the table with having a voice. Speak Up!

1. Give voice to those who need it
2. Promote inclusion
3. Listen to learn and then share
4. Get up and out of the seat — Don’t lose perspective
5. Move over to make room for extra seats
6. Contribution and work are required when holding the seat
7. Debate and question when necessary