Xtreme Nutrition And Smoothies: The “Fabulous Flood” Of Healthy Alkaline Water And Food

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Josh and Shelley Cagle, owners of Xtreme Nutrition and Smoothies, have always been at the cutting edge of providing the best products to enhance the performance of their clients. They are excited about some new items that are just in, and will no doubt be here to stay!

The first is alkaline water, which is something that is getting a lot of attention these days in the scientific and athletic worlds. It seems that we have allowed ourselves to become far too acidic due to the way we eat, our lack of exercise, and the poor ways in which we manage our stress. Alkaline water, which has a higher pH level, is something runners and body builders have come to swear by in their quest to reduce acidity and oxidative stress. Here is what Josh had to say about it:

“PH stands for Potential Hydrogen. It measures alkalinity or acidity on the PH scale that runs from PH 0 to PH 14. A PH 7 is neutral, which means it is neither Alkaline nor Acidic. Values below PH7 are said to be acidic, and values above PH7 are Alkaline.

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ORP-Ionizers alter the water by turning it into a powerful antioxidant, measured as ORP. ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential. The ORP of most tap water in the USA is between +150 to +600 mv, and so is an oxidizing agent. High PH ionized water demonstrates a negative ORP, and so is a reducing agent or antioxidant.”

9-18-2015 2-32-02 PMAnother way to look at oxidative stress, (which occurs whenever you exercise,) is to look at an apple that has been cut into quarters. At first, the flesh is firm, but after awhile it turns brown, or “rusty,” as a result of the body of the apple interacting with oxygen. Flooding your body with antioxidants helps to take care of the “rust.” Alkaline water is one thing that helps reduce oxidative stress, and can be part of that “fabulous flood.”

The ionizer that the Cagles have chosen for the store is called “Life Ionizers.” It is the only Ionizer with UV Light Technology (patent pending), the only one listed in the Physicians Desktop Reference (PDR), and is recommended by the “People Against Cancer” Organization. The water is purified and re-energized by a system that includes a set of ceramic plates with a Vitamin C proton donor, and the splitting of mineral carbonate salts, greatly reducing water hardness, and improving taste.

Xtreme Nutrition and Smoothies is now selling alkaline water by the 20 oz bottle, 34 oz bottle, a ½ gallon and full gallon bottle. This super hydrating water starts at $2.29 for the 20 oz bottle, $2.99 for the 34 oz. The ½ gallon goes for $4.99, and the gallon for $7.99. They have also started a program whereby for $30 per month, members can purchase 30 gallon refills. At only $1 per gallon, that is an incredibly good deal!

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Another part of the “fabulous flood” is healthy, fresh, non-processed food. A company out of Hoover, AL called “Swoul Food” has agreed to make healthy entrees and breakfasts, and deliver them weekly to the store. There is grilled chicken, green beans, red potatoes, sweet potatoes, grilled beef patties, broccoli, breakfast quesadillas with turkey bacon, and sweet potato pancakes with turkey bacon. They are in the refrigerator case at the store, and can be specially ordered as well. The calorie count ranges from 300 to 425, and the meals are priced from $5.99 to $9.99. Isaac Robinson is the owner of “Swoul Food,” and Xtreme Nutrition is the exclusive area distributor. Each entree also has a “secret sauce” made with Isaac’s own recipe and is guaranteed to make an already beautiful meal especially tasty. They can be microwaved in their container or heated by conventional means.

9-18-2015 2-32-38 PMThe last part of the “fabulous flood” is the “Smoothie” part of Xtreme Nutrition and Smoothies. Every time I come into the store, there is someone getting a custom made smoothie, and the flavors are so yummy it is hard to believe they are actually good for you! Any number of supplements can be added as desired. For the fall, there are some seasonal flavors such as apple pie and pumpkin spice. The double chocolate peanut butter continues to be a crowd pleaser, as do the Nutter Butter and Cookies & Cream. However, the “Champ” of the smoothie line at Xtreme Nutrition and Smoothies is called just that: “The Champ.” It has strawberries, bananas, peanut butter, pecans and protein. It makes me drool just to write about it!

Stop by and give yourself a “fabulous flood” of ionized alkaline water, “swoul food”, or a smoothie, and know that you can do so with absolutely no guilt! You will leave with hope for meeting your dietary fitness needs, and your taste buds will be satisfied, too!
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By: Ali Elizabeth Turner