Xtreme Nutrition And Smoothies: The Best Recommended “Stack” For Weight Loss

8-7-2015 1-22-52 PMAthens Now readers know that I have been a big fan of Josh and Shelley Cagle, founders and owners of Xtreme Nutrition and Smoothies, since they opened their first store in 2010. They are both hard working, “products of their products,” and I have watched with pride as they have gone on to grow their business, their brand, and most importantly, grow as people.

Every time I interview them, I learn something new about health and nutrition, and today was no exception. The focus for this advertorial is weight loss, something about which we as Alabamians need to be serious. We are the second most obese state in the Union, and Xtreme Nutrition & Smoothies has products and ways to help reverse that trend.

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In the body building supplement business, when people purchase several products simultaneously to consume with the intention of creating a synergistic effect, the “trade term” is buying “a stack.” It is usually 3 or 4 key items, and Shelley walked me through her favorite stack. The products also happen to be what has become the best selling stack in the store.

Their most popular product is a protein powder called Dynatized ISO-100. Shelley told me that it is “the fastest-acting,” and it provides 25 grams of protein per serving. According to industry standards, a person who is in the process of permanently shedding pounds needs to consume one gram of protein for every pound of their desired body weight. So, if I wanted to weigh 120 lbs, I would want to shoot for consuming 120 grams of protein total per day. Of course that can come from all kinds of sources, as long as it’s clean. “This product is high in purity, and it has no fillers,” she told me, and added that people need to check for that whenever they are purchasing protein powder. “Protein is not cheap, and some big box stores sell an inferior product that may cost less, but is a poorer grade, and you won’t get the same results at all.”

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Both Josh and Shelley are committed to health, fitness, and looking good. They also want to feel good. They have a ritual that they have followed every year for the 12 years they have been married. Come January, they begin to prepare for their vacation at the end of May, which is also their anniversary. They always go somewhere tropical, and for the last few years have happily found themselves in Florida. Long before they opened their first store on Hwy 31, Shelley used a product called CLA, which she described to me as being an “Omega 6, and it’s not a stimulant.” CLA comes under the category of being a fat burner. The purpose of a fat burner is to give energy and curb appetite, and Xtreme Nutrition carries various products with different levels of intensity.

CLA stands for “conjugated linoleic acid,” which means it is a fatty acid that actually helps decrease fat. CLA has other health benefits, too, and studies suggest it can help fight cancer and reduce all kinds of inflammation. She told me about one study that was done on a large group of overweight women. They were to do two things: take CLA for 90 days, and do nothing to change their diet or increase their exercise. “They had 2% less body fat at the end of the 90 days,” Shelley said. As far as the previous reference to being a “product of the product,” by the time Shelley hits the beach each year, she has “more definition and is more toned, without increasing the intensity of my workout.” She then added, “When we opened the shop, we knew this was a line we wanted to carry.”

If you are interested in a fat burner that is a stimulant, they have two choices, Sinerate, which is their own proprietary blend, and Synedrex, which is more potent. “Sinerate is medium intensity, and is our best selling fat burner by far,” she said.

8-7-2015 1-23-27 PMPlease understand, when they are talking about the word “stimulant,” they mean that these products are for people who are comfortable with drinking coffee or an energy drink. Shelley ALWAYS tells people to check with their doctors before taking anything, and will offer samples in order to make sure that product is the right fit after they have checked in with their health care provider.
Another product in “the stack” that is gaining in popularity due to its effectiveness is called MCT oil, which stands for medium chain triglycerides, and it’s made from coconut and palm oils. In the past, these oils have gotten a bad rap, but as strange as it may sound, you need to eat fat to shed fat. MCT oil can be a big help, and now the other health benefits of the oils are gaining attention in the scientific world.

As we closed our time together, Shelley asked me to make sure that people understand that “You can’t eat poorly, not exercise, pop some supplements in your mouth, and expect to get results. Weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.” If you are serious about tackling and winning with your weight, and doing it in a way that will bring healthy results, the crew at the Xtreme Nutrition shops is waiting to help.
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By: Ali Elizabeth Turner