Xtreme Nutrition And Smoothies: Nine Stores And A Proprietary Product Line

1-16-2015 9-33-18 AMI first met Josh and Shelley Cagle in 2010, when they launched their flagship Xtreme Nutrition and Smoothies store on Hwy 31, before they moved to the Publix shopping center on Lindsay Lane and Hwy 72 in Athens. Four years later they have expanded to nine stores, have developed their own product line, and they continue to impress me with their entrepreneurial spirit, hard work, and the transparency of their faith. Josh and Shelley are part of what’s becoming in our area nothing short of a long line of young, hardworking, savvy, free-market capitalists who want the satisfaction of being their own boss and benefitting the community while they are doing it. The “burning the candle at both ends” that is necessary for any business owner has paid off. Shelley told me “We have way more customers than when we were on Hwy 31.” They also now have stores in the North, one in Indiana and the newest one in Crystal Lake, IL, near Chicago. Shelley is greatly enjoying being settled in at the Athens store, and not having nearly as long of a commute as when they were in the start up phase of the business.

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Both Josh and Shelley have always been interested in the type of nutrition, accessories and mindset that will service the serious athlete and help with improving performance. Josh was involved in a number of high school sports, including basketball, track and football. He was a tight end, a defensive end, and football is definitely his favorite sport. He knows how important it is to have a “total package” of fitness when it comes to competing or just building one’s health. He has been working out seriously for close to 20 years and is a great human billboard, demonstrating his personal level of fitness success. Josh and Shelley also have made “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Phil 4:13,) a part of their business philosophy. Good words, always, no matter what kind of strength is being sought after, and their light shines even in the way they label their own products.

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They also are very aware that there is an increasing need to reach the people who may not be considered serious athletes per se, but have come to understand that instead they have a critical need to rebuild their health far beyond weight loss, and time is of the essence. While this is the time of year that most people make resolutions, the classic one being to “lose weight and get in shape,” statistics show that the ones who succeed long term have the kind of support system that can be found at Xtreme Nutrition and Smoothies.

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I stood at the counter at one of the newest stores, (the one in the Publix shopping center, between Verizon and Cole Dental,) and watched Shelley take care of her customers as they came in to get products and/or a custom made smoothie while on their lunch hour. She is fun to watch, does great customer service, and she really knows her stuff when it comes to what is in various products and how they work.

For his part, Josh has done a yeoman’s job of doing a ton of research on his own, conferring with nutritional and medical experts, and enduring the process of trial and error that has led to the development of Xtreme’s own supplement and product line.

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316 Formulations is the name of Xtreme Nutrition’s custom line, named after John 3:16. Each of the products, if you are looking for it, has a discernable biblical theme as well as catchy product name. “Sinerate” is the fat burner. Shelley says, “It is clean and smooth, and has an extended effect with no jitters.” It decreases appetite while increasing metabolism. It helps to reduce body fat, and an extra bonus is that it helps to boost mental focus and provide long lasting energy. Shelley told me “Sinerate is doing very well in our area. Just this past week I sold ten bottles.” She also mentioned that it was formulated to be a two-pill serving but since some people are sensitive to this type of supplement, they recommend those people to start off using one capsule per day.

Another of the 316 Formulations products is called Rapture Max N.O. which comes in Lean & Mass versions, and is taken prior to working out. Here is what one enthusiastic customer had to say about it: “I rate this product (1 out of 10) as a 9! Great pump, unbelievable focus, and stamina to go along with it. I thought I was in the Matrix using this stuff.” That is quite a testimonial.

1-16-2015 9-34-26 AMThere is another product in the 316 Formulations line that is still in development, and it is going to be called Testified. It is a plant-based test booster, and is a safe, effective, natural product with a proprietary blend of ingredients. Shelley told me that it “builds muscle, helps guys with fighting fatigue and losing weight.” It will be out later this year.
They recently added a selection of NOW nutritional products. NOW has been around for a long time, and is well respected in the supplement industry. Some of their newest additions include essential oils, chia seeds, pea protein, melatonin, MSM, calcium and magnesium capsules, Vitamin D-3, and CoQ10. They also are now carrying SARM, which contains Ostarine-MK 2866. Shelley chuckled at my blank look and sweetly said, “It’s a Physique Enhancing Agent.” Like I said, this gal gives wonderful customer service and never makes you feel stupid.

The smoothies at Xtreme Nutrition have been quite successful, and are all custom made on the spot. The fruit smoothies are sweetened with 100% fruit and all natural Café flavors. They also have a popular Double Chocolate Peanut Butter smoothie that is more for the person with a traditional sweet tooth, and all of the smoothies can have any number of supplements added for 75 cents each.

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I asked Shelley, “What’s ahead for this year?” She told me that there are even more new product lines that are going to be rolled out, and some customer appreciation events in the works. Whatever Xtreme Nutrition and Smoothies “cooks up,” I know it is going to be good. Come see for yourself!
22041-B Hwy 72 E, Athens, AL 35613
Phone: 256-233-0005
Hours: Mon-Fri 10-7:30, Sat 10-5
Facebook: Xtreme Nutrition & Smoothies
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner