Wings And Roots – Horse Whispering

By: Deb Kitchenmaster
“We cannot solve the problems that we have created with the same thinking that created them.” Albert Einstein

The year 2017 has been an unusual, out of the ordinary year for us here at Corral Connections. It’s not good or bad, simply different. People have cleared their calendars and made appointments to come from their home to ours, connect with a horse that brings them “home on the inside,” and return to their physical homes. What a blessed happening to eye witness!

One of my favorite photos is the picture of mare, Arianna, standing by a bridge with our home in the backdrop. The caption I created depicting this picture is, “A horse can be a bridge that leads us home.”

Horses can only teach those who acknowledge the fact that they have something worth teaching, and those who are willing to learn. Even taking a tiny step forward will bring a reward.

What supports the idea that a horse can bring us home on the inside? What does “home” refer too? I call this “wings” and “roots.” Horses carry us places (wings). This can be literally or spiritually. The literal is to a specific location/place/site.

Spiritually, the horse transports us to a place of sanctuary, an inner harmony for the soul (core/roots/home). The valuable lessons taught by horses help us discover the meaning of life and our place in the world.

Because horses are non-judgmental, this allows us to receive feedback from them about our shortcomings, or need to change an unhealthy mind-set willingly.

Taken from individuals who have given me permission to share, here are their “wings” and “roots” encounters:

  • “Wings” – My horse taught me to be patient and calm.
  • “Roots” – I discovered inner beauty, courage and strength. Most of all, not to lose sight of myself.
  • “Wings” – My horse taught me about freedom. I can’t explain it…it’s simply a well-being sensation of freedom. “Roots” – and freedom is about knowing who I am!
  • “Wings” – My horse mirrored my life of fear and how fear/intimidation was controlling my life.
  • “Roots” – Experiencing showing up without being harmed, caused me to return to being present, by connecting inside (core, soul, and home). OH! Such respect the horse gave me. Not chaos. Not confusion. Respect. I will NEVER be the same!
  • “Wings” – My horse taught me that ‘resistance’ is not always a negative thing in my life.
  • “Roots” – Since I have returned to my career, my moments with my horse keep on showing up for me at my workplace. ‘Not responding, but simply to stand, is a beautiful quality to have in my life at this time.’ This single lesson from my horse has caused me to enter into rest for my soul that usually held the pressure of ‘demands.’ From rest I respond, not demands.

These ‘corral connections’ (most of them) happened in a sixty-foot ‘round pen.’ Each handler had a halter and a lead rope on their horse. I was in the ‘round pen’ with them. I would point out their body language. I would shine a ‘spotlight’ on what their horse was mirroring. One of my most celebrated moments is when a handler does NOT blame or shame themselves by voicing the question, “What am I doing wrong? But rather, “Hum, isn’t this interesting? What am I to learn?”

Because when a moment with your horse is interesting to you, you enter resting! I’ve seen it again and again. Such JOY!

Horses teach us about their skill of ‘being in the moment’ and ‘having presence of mind.’ Engage. Engage. Engage. Show up. Show up. Show up. Stay focused and calm.

All cells “listen” to whispers in their environment, including heart vibrations. I am currently studying some research on this. I will share more about this later. Each of us has around two trillion cells in our bodies. Cells carry frequencies. These frequencies will affect others that we come into contact with, especially horses.

Let the horse be your wings to carry you into places where you become rooted in your soul and ENJOY the fruit that will grow on your branches.
Your “NEIGH-bor”