Why Should We Be Taking Supplements?

By: Lana Woody

When I was younger, I was introduced to herbal supplements and vitamins. This started my obsession with finding out more about living healthy and exercising. I found it hard to eat right when I was working and going to school all the time, so I turned to vitamins and supplements to give me energy and help me stay healthy. People made fun of me in high school for not wanting to eat certain things and going to the health food store, so I learned to keep my mouth shut about different herbs that I took. Being excited about how two teas help reduce my dermatitis, I found others didn’t share in my enthusiasm and mocked me.

It seemed strange to me that this was occurring, and as I got older and worked in the medical industry I discovered why. You know all those commercials they put in between your favorite TV programs? Viagra commercials during prime time while your kids are watching seem odd. Then they have all these other drugs they push, and the side effects at the end usually last longer than the commercial, even though they say it as fast as they possibly can. Every time I hear one of these commercials, I shake my head thinking it sounds like the side effects might outweigh the reason to take the drug. Why is it that these drugs get passed, but we can’t get other treatments passed in the United States? Who is really controlling this situation?

Working at a medical facility taught me something priceless; almost every patient told me a sob story of how sick they were. A long list of ailments would spill out of their mouths. Sometimes their story was contagious; other people would hear it and be like, “Well, that is what is wrong with me too.” There were times I would feel ill just listening to how sick they were.

Patients would hold up a bag full of prescriptions saying, “My doctor told me to bring my medicine with me.” Then they would explain that this drug has side effects with that drug, but the doctor said to keep taking them. Then I saw people given a death sentence and sent to hospice, but would get better. You know why? Hospice would take them off all their medications and put them on comfort measures, and they got better! So, in my life, I found that even though getting treated by a medical doctor was necessary sometimes, I almost always did better taking herbs and dietary supplements.

I’ve seen doctors have a drug representative come in and in no time, every patient get put on that drug. Mainstream medicine has been bought out by companies that want to keep us sick. This really makes me sad. It makes you wonder why people who eat healthy and seek holistic methods are shunned so much by the average person. If you see someone getting well, not having to see a doctor all the time, wouldn’t you want to do the same thing yourself?

After traveling to other countries where they don’t put their elderly in nursing homes, and finding out that their food isn’t filled with steroids and preservatives I realized, America is in real trouble. This great country has been bought out by people who don’t want us to get better, they don’t make any money if we learn to maintain our health naturally.

Just taking Ultimate Fruit & Veggie, which delivers the equivalent of five servings of raw fruits and veggies, including amino acids and enzymes, will go a long way toward supporting our health with no side effects. MSM+C has proven to support our joints and circulatory system, reduce inflammation, and give you thicker, softer, prettier hair.

It also supports healthier skin by supporting our body’s ability to produce collagen, improving elasticity, decreasing the appearance of wrinkles, and creating a more radiant look. If we have pain, taking Relief helps decrease inflammation, which reduces pain naturally.

For people diagnosed with heart and circulatory problems, Heart was formulated to support the entire circulatory system — strengthening veins, arteries, and capillaries. It also supports more natural blood pressure levels and may even reduce elevated cholesterol. It is loaded with some very powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients. Being healthy is so much easier the natural and holistic way!

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Your Friend in Health,
Lana E. Woody