Why Have A Dog? – Dog Barker

8-7-2015 3-06-04 PMI witness this all the time driving down the road. A doghouse sitting out there someone’s yard (you know who you are) with the dog chained to the doghouse. Some dogs I have seen are chained within three feet of the doghouse, and cannot move at all. The owners should be ashamed of themselves. I hear these same people tell me, “Oh, I love my dog!” If anyone loves their dog it will show in the treatment of their dogs.

Proverbs 12:10 “A righteous man regardeth the life of his animal, but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.”

Anyone who knows me knows that I am like a drill sergeant with my “babies” at home, but, they are well taken care of and they know I love them all. When there are seven Great Danes in one house, a person has to show them who is Alpha. No, I do not beat them. I just raise my voice, and that ends any challenge to my “authority” (using my South Park voice there).

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8-7-2015 3-06-31 PMBack to the “chainers” as I call them. If it is what they think is necessary to chain their dog, then let me give them an alternative. How about a cable run so they can burn some energy? I can tell everyone this: most dogs that are chained up are dying for their family’s attention, hence the jumping up and putting their paws on anyone who comes within reach of their chain. If they wish that to stop this behavior, then they need to start walking the dog more and spending time with them. If not, then the jumping and pawing is the fault of the family.

Why have a dog if you are going to ignore it? Was it the novelty of having a dog? Was there a promise made that the dog would be given the attention it should have, and then was it too much trouble? Or was it someone in the family who stated that the dog would be outside after they were brought to their new home? Do that dog a favor and take him/her to a family who will bring it into a loving relationship. Dogs are social animals and they have feelings too. They give us one promise in life: they promise to give us their life and companionship. They ask for the same from us, so don’t be selfish: let them truly live.

Lastly, I love my family but if they ever had me choose between them or the dog, everyone knows I would choose the dog every time. That is the only relative that gets chosen.
By Joel Allen

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