Why Are Americans Sick? – The Alternative Approach

By: Roy Williams

To explain the answer to that question, we must begin with what sickness is. Homeostasis is a function of an organism that regulates its internal conditions and stabilizes its health. For instance, when your blood sugar remains too high, you will be diagnosed as diabetic, you are out of balance. If your blood pressure stays too high, you will be diagnosed with heart disease, which means you are out of balance.

Sickness occurs when a system of your body remains out of balance for too long. Sickness can be caused by a virus, germ, or bacteria, which will result in a fever, vomiting, weakness, or many other symptoms. Your body has been thrown out of balance by a pathogen.

But this article is not about disease caused by pathogens, it is about the most common form of disease, which should be called deficiency disorders. Deficiency disorders occur when the body goes out of balance due to a lack of nutrients.

Nutrients are the building blocks of cellular reproduction. All the cells of your body have a life span. They age, become weak or damaged, and then they die. On any given day you will lose over 2 billion cells that must be replaced.

When you are not getting enough of the right nutrients from your diet, you will become deficient and your body will eventually lose its balance. In other words, you will age at a much faster rate, your joints and bones will become weak, you may begin to produce mutated cells, blood sugar may deregulate, hormones may become imbalanced, and your overall health will deteriorate.

All of that happens because your body simply can’t keep up with cellular reproduction, which can include mental degradation, hormonal imbalance, and immune weakness or overreaction. Autoimmune disorders are almost epidemic in America, which means you could be diagnosed with lupus, Crohn’s, rheumatoid arthritis, or psoriasis.

My point is that these and most other disorders are happening at a much greater rate than ever before because our nutritional intake has been in deterioration for years. Stay in deficiency long enough and you will develop an associated disease.

If you are not getting enough vitamin D, you will develop bone loss, weak teeth, and thin skin. A lack of vitamin C will cause scurvy, to one degree or another. A lack of glucosamine and calcium in your diet will cause osteo-arthritis. A lack of 34 specific vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients and you will develop blockages. Poor nutrition can also result in mutated cells called cancer.

My next point is that you can go to your doctor for the diagnosis, but all he or she can do is prescribe medicine that only treats the symptoms but cannot cause your body to heal. The reason is that synthetic drugs cannot cause cellular reproduction. Only nutrients have the power to do that.

Our food is over 80% deficient of nutrients. The medical profession does nothing about the real problem, they just treat the symptoms.

Americans take more prescriptions than all other nations combined, and we continue to develop more degenerative diseases than all the other nations combined. This will never stop unless we, as individuals, decide to provide our bodies with the nutrients that support cellular reproduction.

Because most of us are not willing to change the way we eat, to reverse this trend, we must make a personal decision to supplement our diet. It is either that or go back to our old farming practices and grow our own food in mineral rich soils.

As for me and my family, we decided years ago to supplement. It is so easy to take a few vitamins with our meals. My wife is 61 and I am 63. We haven’t been to a medical doctor in years. We almost never get sick. Our joints don’t hurt. We take no prescription drugs and our vitals are always in normal ranges. We run four businesses, are involved in church, play with our grandchildren, and have energy left over. Neither of us look our age because our skin is nourished with the nutrients that keep us youthful, and we drink almost a gallon of water each day.

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Your friend in health,
Roy P. Williams