What’s on your Shopping List this “Christ”mas?

12-7-2013 8-43-39 AMAs we start to prepare for Christmas and the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping, what is on the wish list for you and your loved ones? Does your list possibly include the latest IPhone, laptop, a big screen television, fashion jewelry, clothing, expensive sneakers, or maybe new games for the Wii or other electronics? I am sure the list goes on and on.

‘Tis the season for sharing and at Christmas we do believe in sharing. Let us reflect for a moment on what so many of us are really sharing: the countless number of credit and debit card purchases, bank withdrawals, and eyes glazed over when looking at sales ads of fruitless saving gimmicks at the mall and area shopping retailers.

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So I ask you: what should we be sharing this Christmas season? I challenge us all to really think about what true sharing means during this holiday season. Pause and consider the real reason for the season by saying “Thanks be to GOD for another day to share the gift of love and service to others!”
I was recently speaking with my daughter about what gift I would really love for Christmas this year. I asked her to interview her grandfather, (who is my father,) about his life growing up over the years. I wanted her to write it down and wrap it up for me this Christmas. I told her this would be the perfect gift for me!

The gift of love is priceless, and should say “I love you,” or “I am thinking of you,” but many times too often, we tend to measure our gifts against what others in the world will think, and not against the heart. If it is truly a gift of love, it should not stress us out or have us worried about paying off the vast amount of debt accumulated during Christ’s season.

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Gifts of love, simple acts of kindness,
time, service and friendship
Until Next Time, Be sincere, Kind and Intentional
By: Jackie Warner, Career Development Facilitator
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