What’s In A Name? – Dog Barker

In Genesis, of the Bible, God allows Adam to name the creatures of the Earth. Even the name Eve was chosen for his wife by Adam with the meaning of “mother of all living.” We witness names being given throughout the Bible, because they each mean something about the one named. Eve’s name showed who she was. So, why preach about it you ask?

Who has a Canine Family Member named Chloe? Is your Chloe loving, mischievous, and destructive, (i.e. socks, underwear, furniture, beds, and much more). Our Chloe was the same.

How about Samson? Our Samson is the epitome of Love Out Loud (LOL). He is proud, barks when excited and doesn’t like to be ignored. When you catch him doing something wrong, he always cocks his head sideways and gives you a look like, “The cat did it!”

What about the name Zues? Our Zues is a take charge, no one else comes first, likes-to-talk-when-I-am-watching-a-show type of guy. He acts like a snob to people by letting them think he will let them pet him, and then he pulls the “PSYCH” move and walks off. He is like this when he is not working.

We have a Matilda. So far our Matilda has seemed obsessed with Uncle Herman and me. She whines and dances for my attention. At dinner time she will stand outside the kitchen window looking in with her half blue right eye and the rest brown and cock her head sideways whining and talking. Her eyes make her look crazy and I have nicknamed her my “Stalker”.

Then there is Maggie. She is sweet, kind, loving, and quite pushy with her affections of sopping wet kisses and a dog’s version of a hug.

We also have a Brock. He is built like a bull and tiger striped. He is larger than some Danes and looks very intimidating when you first meet him.

Lastly, but not the last of our “brood,” there is Ollie. Ollie is a large Dane who is considered to be a Silver Merle. His blue/silver eyes betray nothing as to what he might be up to. Every time I look at him I think I see the expression, “I’m not doing anything.”
These are names of some of our Canine Family Members. Their names seem to fit them perfectly.

Now, look at yours. Do they act anything like their name? Some of us name our dogs by their actions. There is nothing wrong with this. I just warn you all to be careful what you name your dogs. It could come back and “bite” you, literally. Just being superstitious and humorous…