What Makes Ronnie Roll: 4-3-2-1 Leadership—4 Expectations

8-23-2015 1-08-31 PMThe full title of this section of Gen Vinnie Boles book is 4 Expectations Teams Have Of Leaders, and while the frame of reference is from a military standpoint, having a clear understanding of the team’s expectations in a family, church, town, school or business is one of the things that brings clarity, and causes leaders to improve their skills.

As Mayor Ronnie read to me, (without donning his Dr. Seuss hat, by the way,) I learned something new: statistically people who could be considered non-risk takers make two big mistakes a year, and people who could be considered risk takers also make two big mistakes a year. He also told me that General Colin Powell states that “leaders have to be comfortable making decisions with about 60% of the information.” That’s a sobering thought, especially when it comes to combat. Thankfully, in Athens we are not often in a situation where decisions have to be made that are life-or-death, but they are none the less important.

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“My charge is to do my best to get all the information to the City Council so they can make a good decision,” he said, and emphasized the fact that the books are open, especially important in an election season, and as the City “budget season” begins this fall.

So, what is General Boles referring to when he talks about the expectations of the team?

1.The team expects the establishment of structure
Sometimes structure and the processes generated by them need to be streamlined. One thing Mayor Ronnie wants to do when the new City Hall is finished is to make a “one stop shop” for people to get business licenses. He is hoping that they’ll be able to get it all taken care of in one location, and to essentially have someone present to guide them through the process from start to finish.
2. The team expects excellence when it comes to managing relationships
I told him that in my other business, Juice Plus+, we have a saying: “relationships are not something, they are everything.” He took off on that. “That’s really true,” he said. “That’s what it all comes down to, whether it’s home, church, community or job.”
3. The team expects a balance when it comes to risk taking
He has learned over the years that there will always be someone who is not pleased with the result of weighing risk versus playing it safe, and again, I was really struck by the “two mistakes a year” concept. He chuckled and said, “If it’s two a year for everybody, that’s good!”
4. The team expects a leader to make decisions

I don’t envy him at all in that department. Decisions to hire, fire, revamp, streamline, save money, spend money, speak up, say nothing, accidentally ruffle feathers or yank someone’s chain, it all goes with the territory. However, there is something that we as believers are commanded to do for our leaders, and that is pray for them.
So we did, as we always do, and then it was time once again for Ronnie to roll.
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

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