What Is The Best Resistance Workout?

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No single piece of weight training equipment is best for everyone. Free weights, body weight, weight machines and elastic resistance bands or tubing can help you increase your strength. The choice really comes down to your personal preference, your budget or your access to equipment.

11-16-2013 9-21-15 AMFree weights are versatile and inexpensive. They simulate real-life lifting situations and promote whole-body stabilization. Because they work against gravity, position and form are key.

Body-weight exercises are simply placing your body in different positions to oppose gravity. The difficulty can be changed by varying training angles and introducing unstable surfaces.

Weight machines are also effective weight training tools — as long as you use machines that adjust to your body dimensions and allow full range of motion of your joints. Many gyms use weight machines for the average size male which do not adjust to a small female.

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Elastic tubing is versatile, inexpensive, and easy to store. You can use resistance bands for movement in any direction. Resistance bands start easy and get more difficult as you move through the range of motion which is different to the way our muscles actually work.

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The bottom line? Choose a weight training system that you enjoy, fits your budget and fits into your lifestyle. Whatever type of resistance you choose, remember that proper technique is more important than the specific type of equipment. A Certified Personal Trainer can help design a safe resistance program using proper form and technique.
Janet Hunt is a Certified Personal Trainer and can be reached at 256-614-3530 to schedule an appointment.
By: Janet Hunt

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