What Has Exercise Done for Me?

2014-04-04_15-22-41Rather than having a regular article full of information and facts, I thought it would be more fun to give this space to others this week. I asked friends, students, and personal training clients to share a couple of sentences about what exercise has done for them. Below are some comments from ladies of all ages with many different health concerns:

“I exercise to stay fit, maintain my mental and emotional stability, meet new friends and make for a better life thanks to Janet and Alyshia.” AC

“Exercise Class has motivated me tremendously. I feel great and it has also helped boost my self-esteem. Thank you Janet.” Christy A.

“I would like to say that for a 62 year old I am not on any medications, no diabetes or cholesterol problems or blood pressure issues or stress-related issues (I keep thinking of positive things) and I can actively travel. Without regular exercise I don’t think this would be possible. I, also fly with my 12 year old twin grandbabies which is a challenge to my physical and mental health!” Anonymous


“I enjoy going to the Athens Senior Center for the Silver Sneaker™ exercises. I meet new people and strengthen my muscles through the exercise. It helps keep my mind clear from the stress of everyday life.” Jan Layton

“Exercise class really helps me with my fibromyalgia and it makes me feel better throughout the day”. Andrea J.

“Janet has been my personal trainer, my first yoga instructor, and I have attended some of her group classes. Thanks to her guidance I have recovered from injuries, surgeries and radiation therapy. Exercise not only promotes physical improvement, but also helped me regain confidence in my abilities and enjoy my hobbies such as gardening. By devoting a little time to exercise several times a week I continue to enjoy life each day.” Carroll Adams

“Exercise class is helping control sugar in my diabetes. Good workout is great. A great exercise program in Rogersville.” Anonymous

“Janet Hunt is an ‘angel in disguise’ for she conscientiously works to help her students improve their state of health so we can continue to be active and enjoy life. The workouts are physically appropriate for the individual/group she is instructing—-the workouts are both invigorating and FUN.” Anonymous

“Being in this exercise class has helped me a lot. It has helped me feel better about myself physically and mentally. I love it.” Chloe

“Exercise class helps me feel better about myself. I really enjoy Ms. Janet’s class.” Kelly M

“We all know that exercise is needed for our physical and mental well-being. As a senior citizen, I appreciate the planned and thorough exercise program that I can do at my own pace. An added advantage of the program (Silver Sneaker Flex ™ Strength and Balance Class at Athens Senior Center) is seeing and meeting other participants who have become friends. What better way to begin each day!” Anonymous.

For more information about fitness opportunities in the area, call Janet at 256-614-3530 or email at jhunt1@pclnet.net.
By: Janet Hunt is a Certified Personal Trainer and can be reached at 256-614-3530 to schedule an appointment.