We’re Crocking’ Again ~ Cooking with Shelley

If you like tasty meatloaf, then try this on for size… A few weeks back I wrote about the turkey chili that was cooked in a crockpot and that it would be part of a series that I would be writing about. (Crockin’) I said that the most action my crockpot has ever seen is at Christmas when I use it to heat things up. Well my friends, all that has changed.

Their are a lot of really good recipes that you can do in your crockpot. I am discovering that…one recipe at a time.

My hope is that you will try this recipe and share it with a friend. Be on the lookout for the next crockin’ recipe. I have several that I want to share with you. Enjoy!

You can email your questions and ideas to shelleysdesk@gmaol.com. By: Shelley Underhill