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3-15-2013 8-36-37 AMWhat people are saying about Dieter’s DeLite:

“Just two pills a day changed my life.”

“Easiest weight loss I have ever experienced.”

“Never thought I could eat the foods I have always eaten and still lose weight.”

“No product has ever given me so much self-control over how much I eat.”

“Eating less and feeling great in my new clothes.”

“Looking forward to wearing my wedding dress, thanks to Dieter’s DeLite.”

“In just 3 days and 4 pounds I knew why they called it Dieter’s DeLite.”

“The perfect product at the perfect time.”

The Problem

It is true; most Americans eat about twice as much as they need. We are a wealthy nation and getting food is no problem for most people. It is everywhere. You can even put money in a machine and food will drop out. The result is a nation where almost 60% of the population is overweight and over 30 percent of them are considered obese. This situation is putting tremendous pressure on the medical establishment. It has been estimated that the health issues associated with being overweight could cost over 3 billion dollars per year.

If something is not done about the obesity epidemic, this one problem could be the nail in the coffin that drives America into bankruptcy. Someone who is only 15% over their ideal weight is 86% more likely to become diabetic. At this time there are over 25 million diabetics, and 79 million pre-diabetics in America. Diabetes already costs Americans 132 billion dollars a year, and that is at the present level of only 25 million confirmed cases. If the pre-diabetes patients become full-blown diabetics in the next five years, health care costs will increase to almost half a trillion dollars per year.

We must remember that we are only talking about diabetes when in reality being overweight also increases the risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, respiratory problems, arthritis and many other disorders. Now you are beginning to understand just how profound the obesity epidemic is in our society.

The Solution

Believe it or not, there is a simple solution. You don’t have to count calories, go hungry or even diet. It is a system our family has used for years and we have successfully maintained a healthy weight. Let me repeat myself. We never diet, eat foods we don’t like, or starve.

Americans have a mindset that drives us to overeat. We believe that we should always clean our plates. We should not be wasteful, after all there are starving children in the world. This was good advice back during the Depression, but it is not such good advice today. We pile enough food on our plates to feed two or more people and then feel compelled to eat it all. Restaurants put two times as much on the average plate than is actually necessary to sustain health.

Being overweight or obese is nothing more than overeating. Some people want us to believe it is a lack of exercise, but in reality we all know the computer geek that sits behind a computer all day, never getting any real exercise and is as slender as a pencil. Taking in more calories than we burn is the problem, yet most people find it hard to cut back.

Dieter’s DeLite

A little over two-years ago, NEWtritional Health Care LLC formulated an all-natural weight loss supplement that will change the way people lose weight forever. This one product is built around a study done in France. Success Magazine of February 2011 talked about some of the reasons for this in an article written by Brittany Glenn. One part of her article is titled Portion Distortion. She uses the “French Paradox” to explain how the French eat more saturated fat than Americans, yet they are slimmer and have a noticeably lower mortality rate from heart disease. She says, “The French eat four times more butter, 60 percent more cheese, and nearly three times more pork as Americans.”

Brittany goes on to explain that the secret is in how the French eat. For them, maintaining a slender silhouette is portion control. They eat smaller portions than Americans. From her article, and I quote, “The typical portion served in a French restaurant is approximately half the size of a portion served in an American restaurant.” Another advantage is that the French take more time to eat and make a habit of enjoying the taste by eating slowly.

In other words, the French eat three times more pork, four times more fat, yet they have about half the heart disease, very low numbers of type II diabetes and practically no obesity. Even though they eat basically the same type foods as Americans, they are healthier, mainly because they eat about half as much. Dieter’s DeLite was designed to help people form the habit of eating less.

How Dieter’s DeLite Works

Dieter’s DeLite was formulated to do six things:

(#1) Increase energy, (#2) Reduce the appetite, (#3) Improve metabolism, (#4) Promote healthier blood sugar levels, (#5) Aid in thyroid function and (#6) Improve memory and concentration.

Remember the article about the French! We all have sense enough to know that the only way to lose weight and keep it off is to make the habit of eating less, and according to our customers, Dieter’s DeLite makes it so easy to do just that.

Many customers have come in to ask the question, “I have lost all the weight I want to lose, can I keep taking Dieter’s DeLite?” Of course you can, but why do you want to keep taking it? The response is almost always the same, “I haven’t felt this good in years, plus I can focus, concentrate and remember things again.”

We could go on and on about Dieter’s DeLite, but let our customers tell you about the results.

Drew Simpson
3-15-2013 8-37-25 AM“Before I started DD I had tried several different diet pills and weight loss programs, the general cut down on food and working out. Nothing helped. I have been on Dieter’s DeLite for about two and a half months now, and have currently lost 20 pounds and dropped almost 2 pants sizes. It has been the only thing in three years to help me lose weight, and now I’m finally motivated to stick with a diet plan! I absolutely love it, and have pretty much become the poster boy for DD in Orlando Florida!”
Ryan Browning
“I started taking Dieter’s DeLite in December 2011. I was 6’3″ and weighed 220lbs. I did strength training, played some basketball, but knew I wasn’t in very good shape. After seeing the posts on Facebook and seeing people’s results, I decided to try it. Within the first two days I could tell a major difference in my appetite and energy level. Within a week I started losing weight. I changed my workout routine, and by February I had lost 20lbs. After that I started taking one Dieter’s Delite in the morning. I am now down to 191 lbs and combined with my strength and endurance training, I’m in the best shape of my life. All of my power lifts and Olympic lifts are going up in weight, even with less caloric intake than ever before. I highly recommend Dieter’s DeLite. I’ve been in the Health/Wellness field for 7 years, and tried all kinds of diets and routines to drop body fat % and increase muscle mass. This is by far the easiest and most efficient way to do it.

Also, my dealings with Herbs N More and Seth have been great. He’s answered all my questions via email or phone whenever I have had them. He’s been very helpful and I hope to continue to do business with him in the future.”

Haley McDaniel

3-15-2013 8-37-51 AM“Dieter’s DeLite is amazing!! I have lost 25 lbs in 5 and 1/2 weeks!! I am 1/3 of the way to reaching my goal weight in an amazingly short period of time! DD gives me more energy and helps me to stay focused. It keeps me from being hungry and from overeating! Also the staff at Herbs and More was very helpful with information to help lose weight! I have already got friends and family started on DD! I lost all of my baby weight and even more with the help of DD! It feels amazing to be 25 pounds lighter!”

Denise Bazzell Lanier
3-15-2013 8-38-02 AM“I started taking Dieter’s DeLite February 7, 2011. I have lost 29 lbs. and over 18 inches in 2 months. Went from a size 12 to a size 4! YAY!! I was a little skeptical about DD, since I’m unable to do much exercise. I have started walking my 73 lb. dog several times a week. I had 3 back surgeries over the last 10 yrs, and had gained 25+ lbs. DD has truly changed my Life! I have more energy than I know what to do with, and I don’t go hungry! I just cut in half what I used to eat. It has helped my overall health in general! My doctor was amazed when I went in for a checkup, and all my labs were GREAT!!! I know longer need my blood pressure meds, which I have been on for 13 yrs. I should be off all my meds (except my pain medicine) next month. I got my daughter, son-n-law and 2 friends on DD. THEY R ALSO HAVING GREAT RESULTS!! I recommend DD to anyone wanting to lose weight and get healthy! We have one body that God gave us, so this lady is taking care of hers from now on! Thank you so much, Seth Williams.”

Mindy Raney
3-15-2013 8-38-11 AM“I heard about Dieter’s DeLight on Facebook. When I started seeing everyone’s post about their results and how well it had worked for them, I decided it was time for me to do something about my weight after having two babies and could not get the weight off. I went to Herbs and More in Athens on Feb 24, 2012, to get my first bottle of Dieters Delight, and on that day I weighed 195 lbs. After about a week of taking Dieters Delight I had lost 5lbs. Now it has almost been two months and all together I have lost 22 lbs, and now I am down to 171 lbs and still seeing results. Thank you so much Seth Williams for putting Dieters Delight out. It has already made a difference in my life, and I’m not stopping now!!”

Heather Vickers

“I started Dieter’s DeLite on December 22, 2011, and as soon as I took my first dose I could feel a major difference. I had a ton of energy and I just felt better. It was wild. I even was having trouble concentrating at work and it helped me with that, and now I’m even performing better at the work place. I started taking two a day, then about 2 months after starting I upped it to four pills. I totally stopped drinking soft drinks, I try not to intake any sugar at all if possible, and I count calories. I’ve tried several diets throughout my life, and nothing has seemed to work and be able to keep the weight off like this method. Seth gave me all the advice that I needed to be where I wanna be. I’ve lost 35 pounds and went from a size 13 to a 7.”

Tina Parker
“Okay so I am going to post my before and after a little early. This is me at 203.4lbs.” “This is me at 182lbs!! After Dieter’s Delite!! Can’t wait to post my 30lb picture!!” “Thanks so much! I couldn’t have done it without Dieter’s DeLite and all of the help and support of you guys at the store and everyone on our wonderful page Dieter’s DeLite weight loss made easy!”

Laura Hopkins Farmer
“I started taking Dieter’s DeLite on Jan 15th with the goal of losing 18 lbs. Within one month, I reached my goal weight & have now lost a total of 20 lbs on DD! The energy DD provided me was motivation for me to start running/ jogging some days on my lunch breaks at work. My healthy way of eating & exercise has turned into my everyday lifestyle. Now I feel much better about myself & I feel much healthier! DD is definitely the way
to go!”

3-15-2013 8-38-33 AMJason Morris lost 65lbs in 6 months taking Dieter’s DeLite. Jason says it gave him “tons of energy, not jittery or shaky energy, good clean energy,” made him feel like he wanted to “get out and do more stuff,” suppressed his appetite, a better sense of well being, “and way more
self confidence… All this from taking Dieter’s DeLite love yall,” Jason Morris. Dieter’s DeLite and Isofire, simply the best fat destroying combination I have ever taken in my life. If you want to cut your body fat down while retaining all your muscle, have plenty of good natural energy to get through the day, increase focus and concentration, increase stamina and just feel great. These are the products for you! Alex lost 164lbs in 9 months taking Dieter’s DeLite

Sherie Harbin lost 62lbs taking Dieter’s DeLite, and says she has a great energy that lasts all day and now looks forward to workouts instead of dreading them! “Thanks, Dieter’s DeLite and all the folks at Herbs and More for helping me to reach my goal!”
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner