We Don’t Believe You

By: Roy Williams

In an article titled: “Americans Overestimate Mortality Rate Among COVID-19 Victims,” we learn that Americans were asked how many people aged 44 and younger were dying because of COVID-19 and respondents reported 30 percent. In reality, only 2.7 percent was the correct answer.

Americans thought people aged 65 or older accounted for roughly 40 percent when the actual figure was 80 percent. The misconception translates directly to the fear for one’s health that, as it turns out, vastly exceeds the actual risk.
Fear and anger are the most usual drivers of misinformation; scary tales of young victims of the pandemic, intimating that we are all at risk of dying, quickly go viral. So do stories that blame everything on your political opponents, such as the lie that President Trump is responsible for the pandemic.

Misinformation is everywhere. America has reached the point where we don’t know who to believe. If the truth sets us free, and it does, what can a nation do when its citizens can’t believe the mainstream media, don’t trust politicians; can prove that the CDC, WHO, FDA, FBI, and big pharma will lie or at the very least skew the research to make us believe what they want us to believe?

Everything you see on the main stream media, which is now owned by five families, is propaganda pushed out to the public; and they are not only deciding what is allowed to be reported, they demonize and use character assignation to destroy anyone who reports differently. They are lying to us in an attempt to try and maintain power over us and put the people they want in powerful positions.

Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York and one of the key-note speakers for the Democratic Nation Convention, is celebrating 11 thousand Covid-19 deaths in nursing homes and is currently writing a book about the whole ordeal. The mainstream media is putting him on a pedestal trying to convince us that he has done an excellent job. Remember, he is celebrating all those nursing home deaths and he is the mainstream media’s hero.

You can’t even trust the CDC reports on the numbers of deaths from COVID-19. They have now admitted that they were adding pneumonia and flu deaths in with COVID-19 deaths. Fifty-four thousand COVID-19 deaths were reported in May when the actual number of COVID-19 deaths was only 11 thousand. Did you see any reports of the true numbers? Of course not, because it doesn’t scare people, and it doesn’t support their agenda.

So, what is their agenda? Their agenda is all about control, and I mean control of every aspect of your life. Count the number of dead every second of every day, in every news headline. Remember, ninety-nine and eight-tenths of the people who get the virus, recover. Did you catch that? Less than ½ of a percent die. The CDC reports this week that only 6% of the over 153 thousand reported to have died from COVID-19 actually died solely of the virus.

Why should we believe them when they lied about tobacco, the Tuskegee syphilis experiment, asbestos, mercury fillings, opioids, safety of vaccines, aluminum in deodorants, cancer causing talc in hygiene products, silicone implants, hormone replacement therapy, lead in paint, fluoride in drinking water, saturated fats, raw milk, pesticides, GMO’s, glyphosate or Round Up, sugar and artificial sweeteners, WMD in Iraq, cholesterol in statin drugs and chemotherapy and radiation. (And we are supposed to believe their stats about COVID-19?)

Could they be blowing the numbers out of proportion just to take total control of our lives? It certainly looks that way when you look at what they have done to our way of life in just four months.

Closed businesses = 35,000,000+ instantly unemployed; removed entertainment and prohibited recreation; closed parks, gyms, bars, restaurants, and sporting events.

No dating. No touching. Isolate people. Dehumanize them by making them wear masks. Closing temples and churches, prohibit worship. Create a vacuum and let depression, anxiety, hopelessness, and desperation set in.

Ignite hatred and civil unrest, creating civil war. Empty prisons because of the virus and fill the streets with criminals. Send Antifa to vandalize property, as if they are freedom fighters. Undermine the law, Riot, loot and attack all law enforcement, but tell government to order a stand-down. Then… defund law enforcement and abolish police.

Are we being played by those who want to destroy America from within? Are we being set up for their socialistic plans as the “new normal”?

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Your friend in health,
Roy P. Williams