We Call Her The “Cupcake Queen” – Cooking With Shelley

9-20-2013 4-42-13 PMDoesn’t matter if it’s dusk or dawn, you’ll find my daughter baking cupcakes, either for someone or something. Anything from Duncan Hines to Betty Crocker, she’s made friends with them all. You may think I’m joking, but several times I thought to myself, “She’s got a cupcake factory going on in my kitchen!” The best part about all the excitement is, she cleans up her mess, and always lets me taste the final product. Ahhh…

I also discovered, that like myself she adds to or takes away from recipes. She really out did herself with this latest batch, which I hope you enjoy! You can send your recipes and questions to shelleysdesk@gmail.com. Grab someone and make a memory in the kitchen, you won’t regret it.

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By: Shelley Underhill

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