A War Against Christmas? Yes, Virginia, It Exists!

12-21-2013 9-19-02 AM

I saw a sign recently that said, “Christmas trees, five dollars a foot; holiday trees, ten dollars a foot. Merry Christmas.” Surely some would cry discrimination, (which was, I think, the point).

Every year we hear about the war on Christmas–something I think is a bit overblown. I don’t know anyone personally who is hostile toward the birth of Christ (and I have friends of all religious stripes) and if a friend comes to the house this year, presumably he will keep silent about any Grinchesque anti-Christmas impulses.

12-21-2013 9-18-41 AMHow has it come to this? When I was a maladjusted child, Christmas wasn’t the problem. In fact, I never heard any anti-Christmas obloquy growing up. And somehow, I didn’t end up being maladjusted as a child. I watched all the Christmas specials, never heard the phrase “Happy Holidays,” and somehow, I made it.

I could make a religious point here, but perhaps the more important point is that political correctness has indeed run amok. And to allude to the Grinch imagery above, the PC folks have made us all wondering whether or not say “Merry Christmas” will offend someone.

And it gets worse. The Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood is protesting that Norad is promoting violence and militarism by tracking Santa’s Sleigh, something they’ve being doing for years. So we’ve reached the point where it’s not just the parents who get burned by those who refuse to let Christmas be; it’s the children, as well.

The Left loves to exploit children but usually when they do it, it’s to advance bigger government. Not this time, unless you think that distorting the 1st Amendment isn’t activism.

Come to think of it, it is. If you don’t like Christmas, Mr. Grinch, then sit on your hill and leave the rest of us alone.

Incidentally, the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood wants to ban Happy Meals as well. Happy Meals (as far as I know) don’t contain a prize ready to proselytize.

Merry Christmas, everyone.
By: Will Anderson

12-21-2013 9-18-51 AM

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