Why We Want NEED Your Cardboard, Newspaper, and Office Paper

12-20-2013 7-11-34 PMIndividuals and Businesses Can Help!
Do you believe environmental education is important? Do you appreciate the fact that our local, non-profit recycling center still accepts glass when no other center in the area will? Is it important that you can bring your electronics, batteries, cooking oil, motor oil, and #3-#7 plastics (as well as #1 and #2) to our center to be properly recycled when no one else in the area will take these items because they are not profitable?

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If these things are important to you, then you need to be aware that cardboard, newspaper, and office paper are the center’s most profitable commodities. Profits made on these materials financially support environmental education, our ability to accept items that are not profitable, and allow us to contribute to the local economy by providing jobs.

Why the Need NOW?
The amount of profitable materials coming to our center has recently decreased, putting a strain on the center’s budget. Our recycling center continues to do the right thing by taking unprofitable items such as glass, electronics, batteries, and plastics #3-#7. Support from the community is needed for us to continue providing this high level of service.

How Can We Fix It?
We are asking city and county residents to continue to make the effort to bring cardboard and paperboard (e.g. cereal boxes), newspaper, and office paper to our center for processing. When you come to the center, bring along your aluminum cans and all your plastic containers #1-#7. A green recycling trailer is located at Athens Bible School for the convenience of residents on the east side of Athens.

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11-16-2013 8-55-29 AM copyCounty residents have recycling trailers available to them at most county schools. There are also cardboard trailers at East Limestone H.S., West Limestone H.S., Owens Elementary, Ardmore H.S., Creekside Elementary, Piney Chapel Elementary and Elkmont H.S. There will be cardboard trailers at Cedar Hill and Johnson Elementary Schools within the next week or two. The center is working on finding a location for a trailer in Tanner.

Businesses are asked to contact our recycling center to learn how they can recycle cardboard and/or office paper. Our center will provide collection containers and service them free of charge. If large amounts of cardboard and other recyclables are diverted from trash dumpsters, it may help reduce costs. Call 256-233-8746 for more information.

Especially at Christmas!
Our recycling center would appreciate everyone bringing cardboard boxes, wrapping paper and empty rolls, holiday cards, and gift bags (with all ribbon and bows removed) to be recycled. Just stuff it all in a cardboard box and bring it by the drop-off bins located in front of the center at 15896 Lucas Ferry Rd. (just south of Hwy. 72).

The KALB staff and board members wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!

By: Lynne Hart