Vollara: Bringing The Power Of Nature Inside

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

In 1988, Robin Gerrish was a young mother with a chronically ill child. Her daughter struggled with allergies, continual sickness, ear infections, and more. At the time, Robin came across an appliance which treated air in the home and made it smell just like an electrical storm had finished passing through. She knew the “thunder-in-a-box” machine could have made a difference in her daughter’s life by providing pure air, but at the time didn’t buy one. With passion Robin exclaimed, “When I think of all the money we spent trying to get her well, and it didn’t work!”

Fast forward to 2018, and history was repeating itself in the form of chronically ill grandkids, and this time Robin, a successful real estate agent, was in a position to purchase a FreshAir Surround box. She saw an immediate difference in their health. They were not getting the usual bugs that were going around, and when one grandchild did get sick while being away, she came home to an “air bath” of purified air that shortened her down time in a sick bed. In addition, no one else in the family caught the offending bug. “I thought about when my daughter was sick, and how much money we spent on trying to get her well. I realized that I want people to be well,” she said. So she decided to become an independent business owner with the Vollara Company. “I took all the ‘plug-in smell-goods’ out of my house, and now my house smells good,” she said. “Mine does, too,” I added.

The FreshAir Surround system uses several technologies that were developed for the International Space Station and are referred to as “Certified Space Technologies.” They include: high intensity UVC light which replicates the purifying power of sunlight and utilizes charged ions (both positive and negative). When the ions are combined with peroxides and activated oxygen, all serve to reduce dust particles in the air, as well as eliminate smoke, odors, and surface contaminants. It makes everything smell deeply pure and fresh because it truly is and all without artificial fragrances or any dangerous chemicals!

Step two for Robin was the water purification system. The scientific understanding of the dangers to our health of drinking acidic water and beverages is increasing every day. It is not enough to drink enough water; it has to be wellness-supporting water, and all the more so as we age and lose our ability to stay dehydrated. Vollara’s system is called LivingWater, and can be calibrated to be strongly acidic for first aid, slightly alkaline for drinking and cooking water, and ranges up to a powerful alkaline level that naturally removes pesticides from fruits and vegetables and can be used for cleaning.

The last of the Vollara appliances is the LaundryPure system. I know this sounds hard to believe, but you can get soft, perfectly clean laundry washed in cold water and without the use of any detergent or bleach. In fact, LaundryPure is used to wash MLB uniforms, has been proven to kill MRSA (one of the worst antibiotic-resistant super-bugs), and I have friends who have accidentally left their wet wash overnight without it becoming sour. LaundryPure technology is used in hotels, hospitals, and laundromats. The system utilizes cold water, hydrogen, and oxidizers to lift grime and dirt away from individual threads, and clothes are brighter. Because regular detergent leaves a residue, towels in particular regain their fluffiness after a few washings. Let’s talk about the money saved when you use LaundryPure. A family which does 392 loads a year using an electric water heater, detergent, and softeners spends about $1.42 per load equaling $556.64 annually. By contrast, the same 392 loads using the LaundryPure system costs $0.24 per load or $94.08 per year.

Finally, Vollara has several supplements and products which provide vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, antioxidants and friendly flora with a proprietary delivery system to help you improve your health from the inside out, and on June 27, you will have an opportunity to learn about all that Vollara has to offer.

Dr. Troy Sanford will be speaking at the First National Bank in Athens on June 27 at 6:30 p.m. He is a naturopath and certified nutritionist, and has been with Vollara since 2010. From 2-6:30 p.m., the Vollara team will offer free Zyto Health scans that demonstrate with pin-point accuracy the presence of a number of physical conditions (often caused by dehydration), with which you may not know you are struggling. Then you will have the opportunity to learn from a true expert all the ways you can rebuild your health.

First National Bank, which is located at the corner of Hwy 72 and Lindsey Lane in Athens, has a community room on the second floor. The entrance is on the west side of the building. The address is 1880 US Hwy 72, Athens, AL 35613. For more information, please call Robin Gerrish at 256-374-9139, robin.gerrish@charter.net or go to her website at www.myvollara.com/robingerrish .
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner