Vietnam Monument Corrections And Information

8-19-2016 8-58-45 AMAs many of you are well aware, the misspelling of Vietnam on the Monument has been a source of contention for some time now, however thanks to our generous community this will soon be remedied. This time we want to make sure that it is correct, I have been doing some research and have put together a list of names that either are on the monument and should not be, are not on the monument but really should be, and a couple I am still trying to find information about. The following is what I have put together from several different sources, if you have any information about the following individuals it would be greatly appreciated, we just want to make sure we honor our heroes properly.

8-19-2016 8-58-24 AM
8-19-2016 8-58-05 AM

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Once again, if you have information on any of the individuals above that could help, it would be appreciated. If you know of anyone who is not listed here but should be, please let me know that also. Contact me at the Veteran’s Museum, 256-771-7578.
By: Sandra Thompson, Director, Alabama Veterans’ Museum

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