Valley Pools: The “Foundation” For Excellent Pool And Spa Care

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What’s new in the pool industry that gives so much benefit to the pool and spa customer? A product by an outstanding pool supply company named Natural Chemistry, and it’s called “Foundation.” This is a product that will benefit any pool, whether you have a chlorine, saltwater or Baquacil system. What is it and what does it do? It is once a year application that is a fast dissolving multi-borate blend formula that gives you noticeably sparkling and silky soft water. It costs around a hundred dollars to add it when you open up your pool in the spring, and mid season you need to “top it off” with a smaller dosage which costs around forty dollars. The staff members at Valley Pools who are pool owners themselves swear by it, and we have had customers who have used Foundation tell us that their pools “look like glass.”

Please allow me to give you a quick lesson in the chemistry of pool care so you’ll understand why I am so excited about Foundation. Welcome to “Pool School!”

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Borates, which are what we think of when we are talking about boric acid or Boraxo, are chemicals which occur throughout nature, and have a number of jobs, including keeping algae at bay. In this day of being concerned with the environment as well as protecting your family, it is good to know that they can do this without harming you or your pets. It would take a child or pet drinking a lot of water out of your pool to make them even a little bit sick, so you as a pool owner can relax and enjoy your summer pool season! The way borates work is very complex, and it takes a sophisticated product like Foundation to keep everything in balance. The easiest way to explain what happens is that borates stop the algal cell from both producing food through photosynthesis, and then eating or metabolizing it. Now you know why I said it was complicated!

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In solution form, borates have the ability to absorb both acid and base without changing the pH very much, which is why they work so well as a buffer. Once the pH in your pool or spa is established, borates keep it from drifting upward. In pool water especially, borates are not only a good buffer, but act also as what is known as a mild sequestrant. A sequestrant binds up or locks up calcium, prohibiting scale buildup. As far as places where there is a lot of metal in the water are concerned, a sequestrant holds onto things like iron, copper or manganese, and keeps them from staining your pool. This happens most often if you are on a well, and is another reason Foundation is a perfect fit for you.

Borates have also been known to be used in preventing corrosion. They act as a non-oxidizing anodic inhibitor, which is just a fancy term for something that causes a chemical reaction to keep your system from getting eaten up and having to be replaced. Foundation fights it the best, and will protect your total pool pumping system. It will also remove some phosphates.
So, whether you are starting up a new pool, topping off early spring season, or simply trying to bring back tired, dull looking water, this is the product to use. You might even consider using this product before season ends so you can open your pool up to a clear and bacteria/ammonia free pool next year. Natural Chemistry also has a special blend of mineral borates to also enhance the water quality for any spa or hot tub. Stop in and check us out for all your chemical needs for your pool or spa.

Before I close our “Pool School,” I want to tell you about something that made my whole summer as a pool systems and supplies professional. I sold some Foundation to a woman who is so happy with the product that she made a point of personally thanking me by saying this: “Ma’am, every time I look at my beautiful pool, I think of you. Thank you!”

If you are looking to purchase a pool or an Alps spa so you can treat it with Foundation, no one in the Tennessee Valley has more combined experience or offers better customer care than Valley Pools. We look forward to serving you!
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner