Valley Pools of Athens Location: Service, Saltwater Conversion Systems, and “Aquasilk”

4-6-2013 5-08-05 PMIn 2012, Valley Pools of Madison opened their second store located in French Farms Village, directly across from Wal-Mart on Hwy 72 in Athens. Ronny Hughes and Bob Taylor, (with nearly 70 years combined pool-building experience,) are excited to be located in Athens, largely because they have “found the people of Athens to be so welcoming and friendly.” They love both our small town feel and the fact that Athens is a fast-growing community. The Madison store has been very successful, in spite of the recent economic downturn. They concluded that Athenians were pleasant to work with and there was a real need for quality pool supplies and service in the area; took a risk and opened the new store in Athens. In the last year word has spread that the service at Valley Pools is exceptional, business has been brisk, and they are gearing up for the 2013 pool season.

4-6-2013 5-07-26 PMOn April 19th, from 11am to 1pm, the Athens store will be hosting an exciting workshop on basic pool and spa water chemistry. With the ever-changing technology of maintaining a pool, (particularly with the advent of salt water conversion systems), Valley Pools felt the no-cost workshop would be beneficial to current and future pool owners. As part of Valley Pools ongoing customer service program, they will provide a no-cost “101” class with GLB Rep, Wayne Dugger, on hand to offer his expertise. There will also be plenty of Valley Pools satisfied customers to speak about their experience with service and products. In addition, those attending can receive 20% off pool chemicals purchased that day. You must RSVP in advance to register for the class by calling 256-771-2990.

Ronny Hughes installed his first saltwater conversion system over 10 years ago. Since then, Valley Pools has installed over 1500 systems, more than any other pool company in the area. Ronny states, “The days of using chlorine are coming to an end because saltwater is superior in so many ways. Saltwater is the wave of the future.” Any pool owner knows that there is the constant need to test the pool’s Ph, and routinely adding chemicals in order to keep everything in balance. Salt-water conversion systems drastically simplify this process.

4-6-2013 5-07-17 PMStoring chlorine can be dangerous, and chlorine imbalance can cause stinging of the eyes, cloudy water, swim wear discoloration, dry skin and often an unpleasant smell. By contrast, the amount of salt used in a saltwater filtration system is virtually unnoticeable and totally safe to store. Water treated with the salt-water conversion system is gentler to the skin, more transparent with virtually no irritation or dryness of the skin nor discoloration to swimwear.

Although the initial cost to convert to the salt-water purifier is substantial, it doesn’t take long for the conversion to pay for itself by the reduction in the cost of chemicals. On average a pool that holds 40,000 gallons of water can be treated with the salt-water conversion system for less than $100, compared to the cost of chlorine at $300 – $500 annually. Additionally, the average time spent to maintain a salt-water filtrated pool is drastically reduced in comparison to a chlorine-treated pool. During the month of April, Valley Pools is offering a complimentary supply of salt with purchase of a salt water conversion system.

4-6-2013 5-07-51 PMValley Pools is excited to introduce another chlorine alternative– the Aquasilk Pool Care System. This product line is chlorine free, highly stable, and is an effective alternative to traditional pool sanitizers. It is designed for swimmers who have sensitive skin, and is also gentle on hair. The Aquasilk Pool Care System is a three-step system that includes a sanitizer, hydrogen peroxide-based shock to oxidize organic compounds, and an algaecide. The Aquasilk system is not affected by sunlight, temperature or pH fluctuations. It is the exact equivalent to the more familiar product line, Baquacil, and promotes crystal clear pool water. For a limited time, Aquasilk is being offered at a 25% discount. You can learn more about this product line by attending the April 19th class.

So, if you are in the market for a pool, supplies, or to convert to saltwater, I do believe the folks at Valley Pools are a great fit. Come see them at:
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner