Valley Pools’ Alps Spas: Hydrotherapy And Green Technology At An Affordable Price

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What if you could own a spa that could seat six, the same unit could also be a one person swim spa in which to swim “laps,” and all of it was wrapped up in a package that was state of the art in green technology? Well, now you can at Valley Pools, located across from Wal-mart on 72 in Athens.

Or, what if all you were interested in was a two person spa in which to slip after work and send your stress packing? Valley Pools has that, too. If you are more of a visual sort, you can even get a spa that creates a waterfall complete with a light show.

But before I talk much more about spas, let me tell you what I heard as I was waiting for our interview to begin. One customer came in to purchase a seasonal pool closing kit, and commented that “your prices are the best anywhere.” Another came in to purchase a closing kit and said, “This is the best our pool has ever looked.” Also, it’s important to remember that every Thursday all pool and spa chemicals are 20% off.

Another customer came in with a sample of pool water to be tested. Nancy Spry, who manages the Athens store, cheerfully tested his water, determined that his pool water needed to be more alkaline, and suggested ways to bring it in to balance.

Back to the spas. Alps brand are state of the art, and are affordable. Their introductory prices start at $4,995 and go up to $17,500, and all models come with a lifetime warranty. In addition, the introductory price package includes free installation. Some models fit through a standard 36” door opening, and all of the models are more energy efficient. Nancy also says they are much more streamlined underneath the model where all the operational systems are located. Every unit comes with a cover, and is water tested for a full 24 hours in order to determine that everything is working well.

There are a number of custom options available with each Alps spa unit. The cabinets that surround the units are made out of tri-layered synthetic paneling that come in mahogany, grey or cherry. There are also five colors from which to choose for the acrylic liners: oyster pearl, tourmaline, pearl shadow, sterling marble, and Tuscan sun. The number of hydrotherapy jets starts at 39 in the Innsbruck model, and go up to 109 jets in the K2 XLS unit.

The frames for each unit are made out of G90 galvanized steel, which is 150% stronger than wooden ones. Gone are the days of warping and rotting, and rusting is a thing of the past as well. Formerly shells were bonded with fiberglass, but Alps spas start with .275 ABS acrylic, and then the shells are backed by another acrylic bond material that is both environmentally safe and more durable.

11-1-2013 3-04-43 PMIn keeping with the trend toward purification systems that are not dependent on chlorine, Alps spas can be equipped with a number of components to keep the water clean naturally. There is a digital ionization system that releases microscopic ions in to the water. The ions do not evaporate, and sunlight, aeration, pH and temperature do not affect the ionized water.

Another feature is an ozone generator CD chip, which produces 20% more than other models. There are salt systems available, and if a customer wishes a bromine filtration system, that can be had. There are other custom options to make your spa experience even more enjoyable. These include a Bluetooth MP3 stereo system, lighted air controls, perimeter lighting, lighted cup holders, an aromatherapy system, and lighted mushroom shaped pop-up waterfalls.

Alpine Spas has been in business for over 20 years, and has never had the desire to be the biggest producer of spas, just the best. They do not have any spas in stock, each one is custom built. So, if you are considering a spa or personal swim system, come to Valley Pools and allow the experts to help you select your model and options, and enjoy a spa that will help build your health for years to come.
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By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

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