Truth & Freedom

By: Roy Williams

Almost everyone is concerned about the direction America is going. It doesn’t matter which side of the political spectrum you are on or what your financial situation is, if you watch the news you are probably concerned.

From the time Donald Trump was elected president, our nation has been in turmoil. Within three days of being sworn in, impeachment talk began. Russia this and Russia that was all we heard about. Collusion became a part of most people’s conversations for months.

After that started to lose momentum, and the economy began growing faster than it had in over 20 years, China allowed the Covid19 virus to escape from one of their labs. Knowing just how contagious it was, they quarantined the whole area and managed to keep it from spreading throughout their country. But they continued to let people from that area to fly all over the world causing a world-wide pandemic.

At that point, the so-called experts in the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, the FDA along with scientists and medical professionals told us that we must home quarantine, wear masks, social distance from one another, and shut down our economy. President Trump had no choice but to listen to these experts and decide to go along with them by encouraging our citizens to cooperate, which most people did.

The Stock Market fell, thousands became unemployed, small businesses closed, and even churches stopped gathering. Millions of people world wide became infected, hundreds of thousands were hospitalized, and we aren’t even sure how many have died from this pandemic.

As the pandemic seemed to be leveling out and losing momentum in the news, George Floyd is murdered by a policeman. The video of this murder was so horrendous that it went viral in hours causing rioting in the streets all over our great nation.
It has become obvious that there are two groups involved in the movement that has occurred due to the murder. One group is a peaceful protesting, which is legal under the laws of the United States. The other is what should concern all of us. They are the ones who are using this situation to destroy property, steal, and cause fear.

Antifa and other groups are trying to cause unrest and destroy our economy. They hate America. They hate what we stand for. They believe that all property and business should be owned and controlled by the government and at this point they will do anything they can to keep President Trump from getting a second term. A lot of the others that are rioting and destroying property are just common thieves.

We are fast reaching a boiling point in America. Our nation is divided and neither side is willing to give an inch. The left believe that the only solution is socialism, government control, everybody sharing in the misery. The right believes in small government with very little interference in our freedoms.

One thing is becoming more and more obvious. We are fast approaching the time when everyone will have to chose a side. Are you for freedom or are you for government control?

Our nation has elected people who keep on infringing on our freedoms with permits, ordinances, rules, and regulations that slow down progress and allows them to take more of our hard-earned money without them taking any risk or being held accountable when the systems they set up fail. They have removed God from our school systems. They block progress at every turn just to create more government jobs.

Using the fear created by a virus, they have infringed on our freedoms even more by restricting our travel, preventing gathering in groups, and shutting down small businesses while allowing large businesses to stay open. My question is this: Why are they doing all these things? Are they really just trying to protect us or are they just trying to issue even more restrictions to take more control?

As citizens of the United States of America, let me remind you that we cannot expect the government to solve our problems. We cannot expect our police force to protect us from domestic terrorists. We cannot expect the pharmaceutical industry to cure any disease.

In reality, the very freedoms that we are so fortunate to live with in America are ours to protect. It is up to us to solve our problems and elect representatives that will support us in that effort. It is our responsibility to protect our property and our families, including using force to stop anyone trying to destroy our property or our lives. It is up to each of us to learn as much as we can about our bodies and support them in the best way we can so we have the opportunity to live to our- genetic potential without disease.

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Your Friend In Health,
Roy P. Williams