Truth And Corona

By: Roy Williams

Are you sick and tired of hearing about corona 24/7? Have they scared you into shutting down your normal lifestyle? Are you afraid to go to the grocery store? Are you ready to face the truth about COVID-19?

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said, “New data suggests that the lockdowns may have been unnecessary because the coronavirus infection rates were far higher than previously reported, meaning it was not nearly as much a threat to life as feared.”

On the surface you might think, if infection rates were higher, shouldn’t we be more concerned? Rush goes on to point out that the Associated Press reported: “A flood of new research suggests that far more people have had the coronavirus without any symptoms, fueling hope that it will turn out to be much less lethal than originally feared.”

Remember all the models that said upwards of two million Americans could be affected and as many as 200 thousand could die? New estimates are now saying that between 50 and 60 thousand may die; and it may even be less than that…no more than the common flu.

How could their models have missed the true numbers so badly? Or, should we ask a different question? Why did the so-called experts use their models to scare us into isolation, social distancing, into shutting down the best economy in 60 years?

Who is actually behind the models? Do they have an agenda other than to protect the citizens? More evidence is coming to light about what may actually be behind this whole scheme, and I don’t use the term “scheme” loosely.

Everyone knows that almost all elected officials are probably going to be reelected if the economy is good. Under the leadership of President Donald Trump, a proven and effective businessman, the economy has soared. Some explain that before the coronavirus, the U.S. had the best economy in 60 years.

Is it possible that the leaders of the Democratic Party, including those put in power during the Clinton and Obama administrations, are working together to blow the COVOD-19 pandemic out of proportion? Take a close look at those drawing up the models, the so-called experts who are scaring the public into submission and destroying the economy.

Even Dr. Fauci was hired by the Clintons and has been entrenched with the Democratic Party for years. Even better known, Bill Gates has been a long-time supporter of mandatory vaccines, and everyone knows he is helping blow the pandemic out of proportion. He has also been tied directly to the medical profession and a group that holds the patents to specific vaccines including the ones being developed specifically for the coronavirus, COVID-19.

If they can destroy the economy, remove President Trump from office, and install a Democrat, no one will stand in the way of passing legislation for mandatory vaccines for everyone. Remember what is well known to be in the vaccines, including thimerosal (mercury), ethanol (anti-freeze) aluminum dye, E. coli, human embryonic (aborted baby tissue) lung cultures and aborted human diploid cell cultures (WI-38 & MRC-5).

Who is really going to benefit from the shutdown? An analysis by a Stanford researcher concluded the fatality rate for the coronavirus appeared to be between 0.1 and 0.2. That makes it no worse than the common flu and may even be no more dangerous than the common cold.

When the models started that gave us the lockdown and began destroying the economy, they were predicting four to one dying per hundred not four per thousand, which is still higher than is actually happening. So, ask yourself what is really going on with these models and who is really behind the scare tactics.

What is even more important is that we maintain our freedoms in America. We need to demand that legislation be enacted that all medical treatments are voluntary and never mandatory.

All of us should be able to learn the truth about every part of our lives and make our own decisions. A woman can decide if she aborts a baby, after all it is her body. Shouldn’t the same apply to all Americans when it comes to vaccines, drugs, or surgeries? After all, it is our body.

Included in those freedoms is the right to decide how we are going to support our health and no government agency or legislation should ever be written that interferes with our ability to make those decisions.

Seek the truth, take responsibility for your own health, and don’t let them take our freedoms. Do it God’s way using His creations instead of man’s way using his concoctions.
Your friend in health,
Roy P. Williams