Tri-City Pest Control: Big Box Technology, Small Town Service

I don’t know exactly what to do with guys who love to get under houses, deal with termites, snakes, mice, roaches, mold, fungus, and any other results of the Fall of Man, except to give thanks in general, and specifically for the fact that they are in Athens! I had a wonderful time of “educational fellowship” with Bryan Fennell, owner of Tri-City Pest Control, and learned that there are equitable ways of dealing with pests that are in sync with Nature, Nature’s God, and are still powerful enough to get the job done.

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Bryan has worked for other national chains, and found that he was highly uncomfortable when the company wanted him to pressure clients to purchase services that they didn’t need, and demonstrated a lack of integrity. He also worked for a local “hometown” pest control service, loved it, and when it was time to build his own business, largely modeled his company after the one he found was consistent with his values and work ethic. He has been in the pest control business for 14 years, and feels called to it. That is something I don’t understand, but certainly want to help promote!!

7-4-2014 2-32-37 PMPests are undeniably pernicious. Getting rid of them takes persistence, skill, and soundly applied scientific knowledge. For example, ONE female cockroach can produce thousands of baby roaches, and roaches become quickly immune to fogging. Tri-City uses a product that interferes with their reproduction cycle without poisoning the environment. There is a product whose trademarked name is Gentrol. It “tricks” the female roach into thinking that she is permanently pregnant, but she never delivers the sac that would contain the offspring. Sometimes when infestations are so bad that they need a “knockdown,” Tri-City will make judicious use of fogging, but to eradicate roaches, first it needs to be understood that it can take 3-6 months, and then that disrupting the reproduction cycle is the only way to beat them permanently. Gentrol also stops the molting process, so existing roaches cannot go on to shed their skin, and then they die.

Tri-City does everything possible to avoid what is known as “secondary kill.” That is what happens when a dog or cat catches a mouse or rat that has ingested what is known as “rodenticide.” Instead they will provide traps that are safe for kids and pets, and will come and remove them. They will trap and relocate non-venomous snakes, and if there is a problem with poisonous snakes on a customer’s property, they will call Wildlife Services.

“Excluding population is 90% of pest control,” Bryan told me. The first strategy is to use “exclusionary measures,” that is, making sure pests can’t get in. That can mean everything from plugging holes to making sure they can’t reproduce. “We don’t try to sell, we do inspections and determine what the customer truly needs,” Bryan said. “We see ourselves as stewards, and we don’t truly own a thing,” he added. What sold me was when he said that his commitment was to “earn your business the right way.”
They will make sure that your property is free of fungus, mold, termites, beetles, rats, snakes, ants, roaches, and any other pest you can think of, and Bryan will personally come out and inspect to make sure that his techs did the job that was promised. Tri-City also does real estate closings to insure that the buyer is protected from pests before “signing on the dotted line.”

7-4-2014 2-32-14 PMWhen you contract with Tri-City, every year you are guaranteed that they will do whatever it takes to make sure that your home is pest free, and that you, your family and your property will be kept safe in the process. Their contractual guarantee is for life, they inspect every year, and they will match or exceed the national chains as to contracts, warrantees, and guarantees.

“We have the ‘big box’ technology, and the ‘hometown feel,’” Bryan told me confidently. He also made it very clear that he gives out his cell phone number so that clients can “talk to the owner if they need to,” and if there is a problem, “I will make it right.” He stands by his clients, and he stands by his techs. During our respective interview, he became aware that a promise had been made that was going to cost him dearly, but he had the commitment to both service and integrity to make sure the promise is kept. Not that long ago, that would have been expected in America. These days, however, it is rare, and it is nice to find someone whose word is their bond.
If pests are prevailing in your digs or business, call Tri-City Pest Control, and let technology and a trustworthy business get rid of them forever.
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By: Ali Elizabeth Turner