Top Job Roofing And Construction: “Your Job Is Our Top Priority”

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Steve Ridinger and Zeb Lewter, owners of Top Job Roofing and Construction are the type of guys you want to take care of your construction or roofing project. Why? They are highly trained in their profession, they have been through the School of Hard Knocks, and their roots run deep in Limestone County. In our most recent round of damaging twisters, Top Job was putting tarps on peoples’ houses whether or not the homeowner signed a contract with them to have their roof or property repaired. Why? “We love Athens and Limestone County,” they said when I chatted with them earlier this week, “and that’s just what you do.”

9-5-2014 2-00-33 PMSteve has known Zeb all his life, and they are like kin. Both of them have interesting “back stories,” and I’ll start with Steve’s. He is a third generation contractor, born and raised in Limestone County. He worked for the Limestone County Sheriff’s Department from 1984 until 1990, when he suffered a career-crushing job related accident. After 50 surgeries, by 1992 it was clear he was going to have to leave the field of law enforcement. He worked for the Athens City Schools for several years, both at the Eagle Academy, and in Special Education. He also worked in sales in the construction industry. He clearly is a guy with a heart to protect, and he knows that sometimes construction companies are far more interested in making a buck than they are the welfare of their clients. He and Zeb have put several things in place in order to protect their customers, which I’ll explain in a minute.

Zeb Lewter was also born and raised in Limestone County, and earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Athens State in Business Administration, with minors in project management and accounting. For several years he was a manager at Lowe’s, both in Athens as well as Madison. Then the time came, as it does for so many of our Athens Now customers, when the two of them knew that it was time to launch Top Job Roofing and Construction, Inc.

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I asked them, as I always do, “I have choices, why should I come to you?” I found out that there are several things that Top Job has and does that others don’t. “Basically, you get what you pay for,” they told me, “and one of the most important things we offer, besides being licensed, are warranties. Our roofers are covered by Workmen’s Comp.” What you as a consumer may not know is, (especially after a storm), bargain-rate roofing companies come out of the woodwork, offering “unbelievable prices.” If they get hurt on your property and do not have insurance coverage, you as the homeowner are liable.

Top Job also offers 10-year warranties for their work. This is important because the State of Alabama only requires a company to provide a one-year warranty. They also offer GAF warranties. They provide itemized statements as part of the contract process prior to beginning the job. The contractors are certified, and the materials used for each job come from ABC Roofing in Huntsville, the largest supplier of roofing supplies in the country.

I learned some things about roofing during our time, one thing being that architectural roofing materials have to be nailed in six specific locations per shingle or they can slide off the roof. All felt must be removed in order for the job to be done right, and not everyone does that. Top Job also puts professional “starter strip” at the edge of the roof, rather than do what many companies do, and that is flip around a shingle tab to make a strip. The problem is, there is no seal on the makeshift strip, and it can peel up far more easily. The professional starter strip greatly increases a shingles ability to withstand high winds.

9-5-2014 2-00-50 PMTop Job is GAF certified, and less than 6% of all roofing contractors in America have that distinction. “You have to be invited by GAF to be a part of their organization,” Steve told me, and added, “It’s not something you can buy.” They are also certified Green Roofers. Top Job Roofing and Construction, Inc. are members of the Limestone County Chamber of Commerce, and their business carries the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. In addition, they have just received their accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

Top Job offers monthly specials, and special discounts for members of our Armed Forces, Educators, and Emergency Response Personnel (active, retired and their surviving spouses). They also offer incentives for referrals. If you are looking for a local roofing and contracting company with membership in the best national trade related certifying organizations, Top Job Roofing and Construction is going to be your best choice. Come join Zeb and Steve as they celebrate the Grand Opening at their new Athens location on Saturday, September 13th, 10 am-2pm. There will be refreshments and door prizes.
Top Job Roofing and Construction
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By: Ali Elizabeth Turner