Tired Of Tires? Recycle Them At Your Limestone County Tool Shed

12-2-2016-9-14-26-amIf you’ve been past Big Spring Memorial Park, or the duck pond as locals know it, you’ve probably seen the Christmas trees lined up and ready for decorations. This is all in preparation for the 2nd annual North Pole Stroll that will kick off on Saturday, December 3rd and continue through the holidays. It’s not too late to adopt a tree! Just give the Tourism office a call at 256-232-5411.

KALB always strives to be different, so our “tired” snowman family will once again make an appearance at this year’s North Pole Stroll. Last year, they were “tired” tourists exhausted from visiting all of the great destinations in Limestone County. This year, they will be “tired” of waiting for Santa. It just makes perfect sense that an organization such as ours that advocates recycling would reuse something for our display. We are all about the 3 Rs!


Most of us probably don’t give much thought to the fact that millions of tires are discarded each year. Tire mountains used to be a common sight, and I have personally seen one in Cleveland, Ohio that caught fire. Tire fires are difficult to put out, often take weeks or months to extinguish, and create large amounts of noxious fumes. Scrap tires can cause huge environmental problems.
Over the years, changes have been made to the way tires are handled. In our state, the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) has taken measures to assist with proper handling of old tires. Our state generates about 5 million scrap tires annually and an additional 4 million are brought into Alabama from other states.

According to the ADEM website, since the Alabama Scrap Tire Program was instituted, approximately 7,092,000 scrap tires from all sources are beneficially reused annually. About 96.5% are utilized as fuel or substitute raw material and 3.5% are reused through engineered and other uses. Of course, the steel belts are also recycled.


The Limestone County Commission has secured a grant through ADEM that allows them to accept tires for recycling from Limestone County residents through September 30, 2018. Our recycling center is NOT equipped to accept tires; however, you may take them to any of the four Limestone County District Tool Sheds where collection trailers are located.

12-2-2016-9-14-51-amHere is where you can help. If you have old tires on your property, you have the perfect opportunity to dispose of them free of charge and ensure they are recycled. Only you have the power to gather and recycle tires located on your property.

There is never an excuse for tossing tires in the river, over banks, or on roadsides. Disposal is FREE and the hazards of discarded tires include mosquito and rodent breeding, water pollution, and more. If you see them, consider picking them up if you are able, or at least let your commissioner know where they are located.

It was at one of the county tool sheds that KALB found the size and number of tires needed to put our snowman family together.
Be sure to schedule time during the holiday season to visit the North Pole Stroll and the “tired” snowman family at Big Spring Memorial Park. When Santa visits, be sure to let him know that you recycle!
By: Lynne Hart