Tips For Recycling Right – Clean & Green

By: Lynne Hart
There are many people, and we hope you are one, who want to recycle everything they can. It is our hope to provide outlets for as many materials as possible.

KALB’s Recycling Center is part of our non-profit organization. We must be very responsible with how funds are spent by constantly analyzing markets to be sure we are accepting materials for which we have a responsible buyer/recycler.

Each time we have items dumped at the center that we are not authorized to take, money must be spent to dispose of them, taking precious funding away from proper recycling. Each time household hazardous waste materials are dumped at the center, we are left with materials that should not be stored in with all of the flammable materials we do recycle. We have no outlet for these materials which is a huge burden to our organization.

Here are a few tips and reminders about what our Recycling Center on Lucas Ferry Rd. in Athens currently will and will not accept.

ACCEPTED ITEMS (* indicates materials also accepted at County Community Collection Centers)
*Plastics: #1 and #2 containers, such as water and soda bottles, milk jugs, juice bottles, laundry soap and shampoo bottles, and more. Check for a 1 or 2 inside the recycling triangle.
*Glass: Bottles and jars ONLY. NO other glass/ceramic items are accepted.
*Aluminum: Aluminum cans and scrap aluminum. Not sure if it is aluminum? If a magnet will not stick to it, place it in the aluminum bin.
*Metal: Metal food cans and scrap metals. A magnet will stick to scrap metals (except aluminum – see above).
*Paper: Newspaper (including all inserts), junk mail, magazines, phone books, hard and soft-cover books, and mixed paper are accepted. A good rule of thumb: If it tears, it is recyclable.
*Cardboard: Cardboard is always accepted. Please break down boxes to save space in the recycling trailers and bins, especially on the weekends. Our management staff often have to work weekends to keep control of overflow. This would not be necessary if boxes were flattened before being tossed in the bins.
Electronics: All electronics (anything with a cord or batteries) are accepted. There is a charge for TV sets. All other electronics are currently accepted free of charge.
Cooking Oil: In cooperation with the City Wastewater Department, containers are provided free of charge for residents to collect cooking fats, oils, and grease. Cages with the containers are located at the Recycling Center on Lucas Ferry Rd., at the KALB office at 125 East St., and at the City Utility Building.
Motor Oil: May be poured into a collection container in front of the Recycling Center, or it can be left in a container with a secure lid.

ITEMS NOT ACCEPTED The center cannot accept items for which we have no buyer. Items left at the center that are not on the list of accepted items will be considered an illegal dump violation! Security cameras are present.
Paint: NEVER ACCEPTED. Visit to learn how to use or properly dispose of leftover paint.
#3-#7 Plastics: CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTED. Due to bans imposed on recycling imports to other countries, our buyer has stopped accepting #3-#7 plastic.
Molded Plastics: NEVER ACCEPTED.
Window Glass/Windshields/Ceramics/Dishes/Cups: NEVER ACCEPTED. The ONLY glass items accepted are bottles and jars.
Tires: NEVER ACCEPTED. Currently the Limestone County Commission accepts tires for recycling at each of their four garages. For information, visit or call 256-233-6400.
Furniture: NEVER ACCEPTED unless it is made of metal.

Please help us to be responsible with our funds by only leaving accepted materials at our center. If you need additional information, you may call the Athens-Limestone Recycling Center directly at 256-233-8746.
Let’s make better decisions together.
By: Lynne Hart
Executive Coordinator – Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful