Time To Declutter Before The Summer Shopping Spree Begins…

3-20-2015 10-39-10 AMDo you know what’s in your closet? Remember those great deals you got at the end of last summer? Where did you put them? Yes, we all do it. We see a great deal and make the purchase, then forget that we bought it. Well, this year before making any purchases for the summer wardrobe or buying new clothes for the family, shop first in your own home.

Make it a family event! Start first by pulling everything out of the closets, chest of drawers, bins, attic space . . .wherever you store your clothing and take time to see what still fits and works for your family and what doesn’t. Plan to donate if still in good condition, of course. As you begin sorting through all of the items depending on your family size, there may be items that you or a sibling may be able to wear or use without having to make that dreaded new purchase. Having two girls, this is frequent in our home and really helps me when it comes to spending on a budget. Each year, we see what may work for my youngest such as jeans, t-shirts, belts and then move them to her closet.

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Over the years, I have bagged up clothing and accessories that did not fit anymore and offered them to family, friends, neighbors, and church members who wore similar sizes. It has been a great way to help others financially save and enjoy having a new wardrobe. For me, it has also been an opportunity to declutter with the purpose of serving and helping others.
I challenge you to stop looking at the sales papers and first take some time to shop at home before heading to the mall and consider all those clothing items, shoes, belts and accessories that you purchased and have only worn once or twice just sitting there in your home closets. Choose to wear or choose to share…

Until Next Time, Be sincere, Kind and Intentional
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