Time Marches On…

By: Joel Allen

Hello, folks! Ever wonder where the time goes? I do, especially when I look at Ollie Girl, my Merle Dane and realize she is up in her years. I think she is approximately 10 years old. She still plays like a puppy most of the time, and yet there are times where she gets tired and just wants to curl up near me. Her face isn’t as vibrant as it once was. In fact, when someone looks at her they see that her face is white with age. When she gets up, she groans a little more on some days than others. A few years ago when I noticed this, I started her on a supplement called turmeric. The results were almost immediate, and I found that with this supplement her pain was almost nonexistent.

Now, as always, this is where I state that you need to do your own research before trying this. I researched this homeopathic alternative and started Ollie Girl on this at the first signs of arthritis. She has been going strong ever since; and if I miss giving her a dose, by that evening she will be in pain and yelping every time she gets up or down out of her bed. As I have stated, I have researched this herb and found that it has been known to help with inflammation, arthritis, and migraines or headaches. I read stories of people loving their animals enough to give them this little wonder and how many of them lived better in their last years with their families because of this. Turmeric is also good for us, the humans. It works the same for us. I have to say this, I am no veterinarian; so do your own homework and decide what to do on your own.

Yes, it works great for senior dogs. I only use it to improve their quality of life as they live out their days as seniors. I have seen turmeric take a completely incapacitated dog (from the pain) and give them back their ability to move with less pain. Every dog is different in size and weight; so when giving this supplement, consider the dosage according to weight. Check with your vet too. With Ollie Girl, because of her size, I give her an 800mg pill with each meal. She eats twice a day.

Where can anyone get turmeric? It should be attainable at your local pharmacy, big store such as Walmart or Target, and can be bought online. Be aware of false supplements online. There is just as many counterfeit supplements as there are real. I go to www.pipingrock.com and deal with that site. I have not been steered wrong by them yet. They have more than just turmeric; they have a huge selection of other supplements, and not just for our animals.

My Ollie Girl was playing with the younger dogs today, and I had to stop her because she thinks she is a puppy again and appears to have that spring in her step like when she was a puppy. She stole Houston’s tennis balls and would not give them back, LOL. Let that serve as a warning to everyone who uses turmeric — keep an eye on your seniors because this will make them feel young again, yet their bodies can’t take the beating it once could. Remember this so that injuries can be avoided.

Lastly, I wrote this article for those of us who have senior animals. There is nothing more heartbreaking than to hear your dog cry out and feel as if there is nothing that can be done for them but to put them out of their misery. This article is for those families faced with this decision; and I always discourage euthanizing unless it is extremely necessary. As I state in all my articles, “Be thankful for the time you have with them always.” My time with Zues was so quick. Eight years blew by like a puff of wind. I can only say that I look forward to being reunited with him again at the end of my life here. I know that he waits for me as all do that love me. I wish everyone a Happy New Year!
By: Joel Allen