They Hated Me First – The Millennial Mind

By: Rosemary Dewar

If humanity fears and hates what they do not understand, they hate God first and foremost. The recent scandal surrounding the Catholic Church has given social-Marxists fodder to despise western civilization all the more. Values expressed through Judeo-Christian principles are disparaged. Those that carelessly promote secularism do not want to admit that the promotion of moral relativism is responsible for the failure of religious practice.

When it is stated that it is impossible to know God’s nature, that does not mean someone will understand whether God is good or bad. More accurately, someone ought not to ask God to do something outside the goodness God ascribes. Furthermore, one should not commit evil acts and claim it was on God’s behalf. You can see how the misuse of these statements could easily manipulate anyone.

Should Americans continue to pull away from the Judeo-Christian ethics they may take for granted, the easier it will be for social-Marxists to celebrate America’s failures. Leftists hold the idea that Judeo-Christianity is a foundation for the social ills that plague us. It is those very ethics that gave birth to the freedom of the detested social ills: racism, sexism, and bigotry. Simply because a movement happens to use a minister as a prop, it does not reflect on the entire religious community. Social expulsions are necessary in every community. Similar to how William F. Buckley Jr. did with the Republicans and what Dr. Eric Weinstein is attempting to do with the Democrat Party, so must religious communities do the same.

Power is a force everyone foolishly thinks they can wield indefinitely. If that power and authority is wrongfully obtained, its sustainability is contingent on the lies and secrets of those already woefully vulnerable. Anyone hesitating to expose such strongholds will find themselves as co-conspirators regarding the damage committed. The kingdoms built on and around humanity will die.

The Kingdom of God is eternal. Its principles are found to be so fundamental that they apply throughout time. They are the building blocks of society, and the cradle of civilization: the singular nature of God, reverence for God, respect for human life, care of living things, regard for personal property, sexual self-control, and true justice. Every society and community within the human record that has violated one or more of these central ethics has eventually failed and fallen. If someone can infect the source, it can question everything instead of clinging more closely to it.

In the movie, The Devil’s Advocate, the Devil states that “Vanity is my favorite sin.” The urge of self-gratification can be the easiest to feed, and the hardest to satisfy. Merge that with some religious blasphemy, and you have a spiritual tyrant. An individual’s break from elemental morality does not make the rules obsolete, it makes the individual’s actions indefensible. Professor Jordan Peterson describes the future as a “judgmental father.” It is an accurate personification. If you are failing to succeed honorably, you can expect the structure you have created to violently collapse. Furthermore, if you refuse to learn from it, you will be doing the insane thing by repeating it.

Humanity does heinous things because it chooses to. It is always a choice. An act done in ignorance can always be forgiven, but an act committed in full knowledge of its repercussions falls short of innocence. Judeo-Christianity talks about how the world may hate you for following basic ethics, and reminds you that the world hated those ethics before you decided to follow them. Morality keeps the world from the the vanity it craves.

American commentator Dennis Prager said,” Goodness is about character – integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people.”Our society’s hesitation to affirm these standards makes it easier for any community to practice them poorly. A complicity to avoid these decencies when convenient and opportune is what damages our relationships. The lack of restitution makes the heart grow sick.

Do not let delays of due consequences persuade you to think that justice will not come. It is like gravity. There is only so high you can go before plummeting with only yourself to hold on to.
By: Rosemary Dewar