The View From The Bridge – Elegant, Ageless, Classic Women…

By: Jackie Warner

Listen up girls, ladies, and you so-called divas out there!

Some say trendy, fashionable, stylish; while others would say flossing or on fleek…

But the above is nothing in comparison to the ageless, never going-out-of-style classic woman. The Authentic YOU: Walking in or out of the room –Yes, a woman of class!
It’s not the clothes, the hair, or even the shoes. Honey, they are mere accessories.

So, let’s take a personal assessment to see if you own the characteristics for this role call:

1. Confidence you must possess – It is not cocky or arrogant! You don’t seek the approval or the attention of others. You carry your own sense of self-worth and know “anything is possible”
2. Originality – You innovate, initiate…Yes! No need to copy anyone else. You are the authentic uniqueness.
3. Class – It’s not that you are a snob, you just know how to conduct yourself appropriately at all times.
4. Intellect – Be humble, but study to show yourself approved and knowledgeable in your walk of life. Street smarts are essential as well.
5. Loyalty – You are no fair-weather friend! You are there rain or shine, through thick and thin, for better or worse!
6. Honesty – No time for anything but intentional real talk!
7. Refinement – Daily polishing and casting out the coarse…to get to the brilliance and shine. Psalms 51:10, “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.”

Classic – Having lasting significance, worth; enduring.