The View From The Bridge – Did You Say Homework?

8-16-2013 1-44-35 PMCalling All Parents of 9th – 12th Graders: I have a homework assignment for you. At some point you do want your children to leave home right? I thought so!

Many of you will have students heading back to school in a few weeks and now is the time to make sure they are heading in the right direction for a successful future. Parental involvement and guidance makes a huge difference for your child. What your child does now or doesn’t do will impact how they will live tomorrow, and if you desire for your child to live well, then start taking some notes. Planning today is the key to a brighter future for your child and for your sanity down the road.

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Parents and Guardians, here are valuable homework assignments for you and your children that will help with jump starting their successful future.

  • Parents, be your child’s greatest cheerleader and coach, but remember they are in the driver’s seat. You can assist, but allow them to be accountable for their future.
  • Make sure your child is taking courses that are challenging; review your child’s schedule, make changes if necessary and monitor their progress often; this will help when taking college entrance exams for admission.
  • Have your child research and investigate career options; allow your child to job shadow and complete a career assessment to assist with areas of interest and ability.
  • Have the serious financial talk with your child about affordable and realistic college choices. Discuss what your family contribution will be and what is expected of your child. Example: suggesting your child obtain a part-time job to help with college expenses.
  • Visit college campuses; start as early as 9th grade and check out available summer programs and camp options; this may help you to determine if this is the right choice for college. Make sure they have the major or program of study you are seeking prior to enrolling.
  • Review college Clep & DSST Policies; Schedule assessments to earn college credit while in high school. Surprisingly, you can save an average of $900 per college class. Start taking assessments as early as 10th Grade.
  • Research college scholarships options and apply for them throughout high school no matter how minimal the amount. It all adds up!
  • Take College Entrance Exams including the ACT and SAT multiple times.
  • Apply for Financial Aid.
  • Volunteer, Volunteer, Volunteer!
  • Network, Network, Network!

Until next time, be sincere, kind, and intentional.
By: Jackie Warner, Career Development Facilitator

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