The Trinity High School Reunion: Remembrance And Renewal

The first weekend of September saw Athens once again celebrate the memory and tradition of Trinity High School through a grand reunion which brought together graduates of several classes. They ranged from as far back as the ‘50s up until the last graduating class of 1970. Trinity, which was opened in 1865 for freedmen, has seen much and has a rich history. It is also the site of Ft. Henderson, and is the object of a community dream of being turned into a historical site that would commemorate its importance in both Athens and American history.

While attendees at Saturday’s parade ranged in age from seniors to little ones who are the grandchildren of Trinity graduates, the relaxed joy and anticipation for the food and dance later that night was just beginning. It did indeed feel like a family reunion.

Part of the festivities included a parade through town, with the contest for best float being won by the class of ’65. I could go on about how much I enjoyed chatting with City Councilman Jimmy Gill, one of the event organizers, or CW4 Chambers, who has served our country for 26 years and was in Iraq at the same time as was I, but my true joy was discovering folks who were as nuts about VW Beetles as I have always been. I never expected to find people who reveled in owning a rag top VW, and we laughed about what odd ducks we were to others. Then the conversation turned to poodle skirts and saddle shoes, and the laughter really kicked up. What a time that was in our land, when life was much simpler and texting was unheard of. And what a joy it is to celebrate all that Trinity has been and will be. Congratulations on a successful reunion, and may there be many more.
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner