The Power Of The Sports “Hero”

6-7-2013 2-12-13 PMI believe that people that play professional sports should be held to a higher level of accountability because of their impact on society, especially kids. The reason is, we pay to see them at their sport, and the reason we bring our children to these events is so that they can aspire to play like their hero. Then we see the real truth. It’s all about the draw and how much money these pros can bring in. How many of these heroes have broken the law and been forgiven because they bring in money? What a poor message that sends to the children that look up to them. So I guess we are supposed to believe that if you are a great athlete you can do wrong, and you will get away with it? It is too bad that sports have become a money machine and have forgotten the fans, especially the young ones. I like watching Triple A Ball because those kids play their hearts out for the love of the game, not for the money. Next time you are at a peewee football game, look at the faces of those kids, especially when they make a touchdown or a great tackle. That’s what sports are supposed to be.

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