The Power of Reflection: Ingredients to Success

The View From The Bridge

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  • Reflection is a Leadership Fundamental.
  • Reflecting back allows for improved success when reflecting forward
  • Think on a scale larger/ smaller than what you are used to thinking
  • See the forest for the trees
  • Look for patterns
  • Look at how nature solves “problems”
  • Do something you typically don’t do

Ask questions
What if…?
How about…?
How can we…?
Why not…?
Create Time
If you can’t find time in your busy day for reflective thought, make time:
1-Get up one hour early
2-Go to bed one hour late
3-Go to the park for lunch
4-Listen to music instead of the news shower or bath
6-Cut the grass
7-Take the dog for a walk

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In today’s hectic rat-race, it is very difficult to find time for reflective thought and getting in contact with our sub-conscious. New ideas typically don’t present themselves when we are too busy to think. In order to truly tap into your greatness make time to get away, think deeply, and truly reflect.

Reflecting Questions
1.Personally and professionally, what were my successes in 2013 and why do I view them as successes?
2.What new found strategies for success will I continue and bring with me into 2014 and why?
3.What were my missed opportunities thus far in 2013 and why?
4.From my experiences in the last year, what will I leave behind and why?
5.What guidance will I seek to make me a better person, and leader in moving forward?
By: Jackie Warner Community Outreach
“Impact, Engage, Grow”
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