The Power of Emotional Intelligence

5-6-2016 10-38-32 AMOn May 18, the Center will host The Power of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership at the Dynetics Solutions Complex in Huntsville. The class will be held in the Main Conference Room. The presenter is Lori King-Taylor. You can register online at or call me at 256-233-8262.

According to Psychology Today, emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your emotions and the emotions of others. In reality, emotional intelligence is the ability to work well with many different types of people. Emotional intelligence allows you to observe your environment, assess the situation, and respond appropriately to the information provided.

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People with high levels of emotional intelligence are usually the top performers in an organization according to business experts. It is because they are more flexible and adaptable to events in the organizations. This brings new meaning to “go with the flow.”

More than just dealing with difficult people, this workshop will help you to connect with people in more meaningful ways. The workshop will help you identify ways to manage your emotions in highly charged settings, allowing you to perform at your best.

With a few guidelines, King-Taylor will help you understand how your emotions can help you influence the emotions of others that lead to misunderstanding. This workshop will also help you identify the triggers that change small problems to big problems.

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King-Taylor has over 20 years’ experience in training and organizational development. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Adult Education from Athens State University. She earned her Master of Education in Training and Development from Pennsylvania State University. She had the prestigious honor of speaking at the TEDx conference in 2014.

To register for this program, you can call 256-233-8260 or visit our website at

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By: Wanda Campbell
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