The Power Of Angels?

By: Steve Leland

I grew up believing that angels were an extension of Yah and wielded His power; that they could perform miracles and healing. I have come to realize that there is a problem with that view. If they have that type of power, where does the power of fallen angels come from? Their leader doesn’t have any kind of equivalency with our Creator. He was merely an angel, albeit a special one.

Why do I think that the strength and abilities of fallen angels are on par with good ones? I believe that the story of Daniel having to wait three weeks for an answer to a question is one proof. The angel that had been dispatched with the answer was held up by a prince of the fallen angels who was only overcome by assistance from the Archangel Michael. It took the two of them to break through the power that the enemy’s prince over Persia held.

I am not saying that the angels are completely powerless, I am only making the point that they are more limited than what I grew up believing. We were created a little lower than the angels, and I propose that in some ways they may be a bit closer to who we are than they are to who Yah is.

Remember that they can and do fall. Yes, I used the present tense. I don’t see anything in Scripture to indicate that it was a onetime occurrence. What would be the difference between then and now that would preclude it from happening?

An even bigger question: Can fallen angels repent and return to the Light? Scripture says that there are ministering angels (spirits) sent to help us. Is it possible that the propensity that we have to give in to temptation could in any way contribute to the corruption of an angel assigned to help us?

And here’s one more to consider: What do the numbers look like? Is it possible that there are more fallen than un-fallen angels?
By: Steve Leland