The Need For Heeding The Call – Publisher’s Point

To say we live in perilous times is a ridiculous understatement, and the news of the past two weeks has been particularly disturbing and ominous. Israel is on the brink of war, they must make a preemptive strike, and the President has no time to speak with Benjamin Netanyahu. This is the second time our ally, (about whom it is said in scripture is a source of blessing for those who bless her, and cursing for those who don’t,) has been ignored. There is a Presidential election cycle going on that at times would convince some folks that the inmates are running the asylum.

The Arab world is on fire over a movie that no one has seen, State Department personnel have been brutally murdered, our southern border is porous, we’ve murdered our unborn, our economy is nearly in a free fall, and everyone is accusing everyone of being racist if they disagree with their beliefs. Not exactly cheery news, this, and these are problems that are so tangled that only God can straighten them out.

If we look at Israel of old, we see that they went through 12 cycles of captivity, and there came a point in each cycle where the people wised up and sought God for deliverance from their “many waters.” They were like us, full of idolatry, sacrificing their children, consumed by everything except the Almighty, and in mortal, cultural, economic, physical and spiritual peril.
Thankfully in our nation and in our community there are people who are willing to reach across denominational lines, humble themselves, and come together to fast and pray for the survival of our nation.

On Sept 29th there will be an all day event day from 9am to 5pm at the Wellness Park. The purpose is to gather together to begin a 40 day season of fasting and praying for this crucial time in our nation. There will be a video link to the national event being held in Philadelphia, PA. The event in Philadelphia will be on the Freedom Mall, and it is expected that 20,000 will gather to call a solemn assembly, repent, worship, and seek God for a Great Spiritual Awakening. For more information, or to volunteer, call John Axford at 256-431-4111, or go to

It was said that Mary Queen of Scots feared the prayers of John Knox more than anything in all of life, and we are told in James that the “prayers of a righteous man availeth much.” If ever there were a time to “avail and prevail,” this is it. We may not get another chance before we are plunged into the collapse of all that we hold dear.