The Most HATED Vegetable In The World

When you ask people what vegetable they will not eat, you get a variety of responses. Green beans (in the case of my husband), broccoli, cauliflower… but the number one response is usually Brussels sprouts. People have a horrible memory of frozen tiny cabbages floating in boiling water and being forced by your parents to eat at least one. I’m here to help you break your hatred of the humble Brussels sprouts. They can be absolutely delicious.

This recipe is a take on Potatoes Au Gratin. Potatoes Au Gratin is a super-rich, cheesy dish. It is a decadent comfort food, and it is also loaded with fat, calories, and carbs. Brussels sprouts take the place of the potatoes in this recipe. You won’t have that heavy, guilty feeling after eating this dish. This recipe is extremely versatile as well. In place of the ground beef, try ground turkey or chicken. Even shredded baked chicken would work great. If your family is not a fan of sour cream, try making this with plain Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is a fabulous substitute for sour cream, and it has great protein. Give it a try; I bet your family will love it!

I have been on my new diet, even though that is a 4-letter word in my house, so let’s call it a new way of living, for a little over a month. I feel so much better already. It is amazing what a change in your eating habits can do to your whole body. Not only will you feel better physically, your mental health benefits as well.

I didn’t realize just how badly I was treating myself. “You only get one body.” I’ve heard that all my life, but it never has truly penetrated into my brain. Eating chips, buttery popcorn, fried chicken fingers, loads of pasta, chocolate ice cream — all of these foods are crazy good; no one can deny how good they taste. How do they make you feel? Great…well they do, but only for a little while. For me, food was my drug. Eventually, it made my body crave more and more to achieve that great feeling. This drug bogged down my mind, made me feel tired and sluggish.

Every day is a struggle. I work at the largest Ford dealership in Alabama. It is extremely fast paced, and there is a constant stream of sodas and snacks. I have to mentally prepare myself every day to eat only the things that nourish my mind and body. I’m very blessed to have a husband who makes sure I have a great lunch to take to work every day. He helps keep me going in more ways than he knows.

Take some time this week and think about how you’re treating your body. Are you truly treating it like it is the only one you will have? Are you taking the time to nourish your mind? This is an uphill climb. Let’s take it one day at a time. Together, we can do great things!