The Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

4-19-2013 3-48-50 PMPeople easily look old because of stress. It may be because of our job, school work, and other problems we encounter in our daily lives. There are a lot of stress management programs today but some see them as programs or seminars that add to the stress. It is very uncomfortable sitting for hours and listening to each other’s burdens. If you are looking for the most convenient way to relax, then a luxurious massage is what you need. It is true that touch is a very powerful tool; many sicknesses and pains are being cured by touch.

Not convinced? Here is a list of the advantages of massage therapy.

*Improved circulation – The body functions well when the blood flows well. When the muscles become stiff, it is more difficult for the blood to flow, so helping the muscles relax is very important for the blood to be able to move freely.
* Corrects posture – When slouching, you are technically pushing your abdominal organs down. Everybody knows that having good posture is difficult, so it is advisable to undergo reflexology. It stretches the muscles and helps the spine move and align easily. Reflexology is not like normal massage, it is a more complex procedure where they apply pressure on certain areas on the sole of your foot to be able to enhance the function of a body part.
* Pain reduction – This is the best way to reduce pain obtained through contact sports and other injuries. There are several types of massage treatments for each kind of pain or injury. Massage therapy is also advisable for those who have undergone caesarean section. It helps blood circulate and hastens the process of wound healing. Thus, leaving less scarring and dark spots.
* Increases awareness – Most people become sluggish when tired and stressed. Massage therapy is the best solution for these situations. It has been said that professionals benefit from this service. Since time is precious for them, they take a quick break from their workday and go to a Spa to be able to relax. After such treatment, they feel more alert and energetic.
* Relieves stress – As everyone knows, stress plays a major role on our health. Food is essential , but without relaxation, the nutrients are not absorbed well by the body. So it is advisable to go to a Spa even three to four times a month to relax, because the brain and the body will function much better when rested.
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By: Paula Song, LMT with ChiroCare

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