The Ground Kisser – All Things Soldier

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

On Monday, August 19 at 7 p.m., residents of Athens are in for a rare look into the bravery of Vietnam vets as told from the perspective of a 12-year-old girl. The Vietnam Veterans of America will be hosting an evening with Alabama resident Thanh D??ng Boyer, author of The Ground Kisser. Thanh saw the fall of Saigon, and her well-to-do family lost literally everything. Their hope had been to escape to Australia together, but with only a few hours to consider their options, the decision was made to send their two young daughters into unspeakable danger on an overcrowded ship into pirate-ridden waters.

Thanh was not a believer at the time, and her faith came later. I have no doubt that God sent His angels to intervene on her behalf time after time, and as one reviewer said:

This true story is about a well-to-do Vietnamese family who faced many hardships and struggles when South [Vietnam] fell to a communist regime. It is both heartrending and inspirational. As many young people today support the idea of socialism for America, this book would open their eyes to what really happens in a country when a government is communist controlled. It also shows how things work together for good when we focus on God, pray diligently, and trust Him to guide us through our lives.
Everyone I have talked to says, “Bring a box of Kleenex,” and Ron Webster of the VVA wrote, saying, “It will trigger all your emotions.”

Others talked about how eye-opening this book is as to the truth of what in fact happened, and how we were lied to then, and are still being lied to now:

A book young people should be required to read. This woman lived through Vietnam and the communist takeover. She was a self-professing “little rich girl” in South Vietnam, before Communism under the guise of Socialism occurred. This real life quote is amazing…”Communism under the guise of Socialism had appealed to the poor because of their promise of equalization. In fact, they kept that promise, but not how the poor expected. Instead of the poor moving out of poverty, they remained in poverty and the rest of us joined them. The government determined the value of everything. Our crops, our labor, our lives were valued according to our contribution to the government. No supply and demand. Only demand. They took everything we owned as they tried to take our very souls.” (The Ground Kisser, pages 48-49) Her appreciation of the US soldiers during the Vietnam War who tried to help them retain their freedom is heart wrenching. Especially for the daughter of a Vietnam veteran who fought hard to help them.

As an author myself, I took a great deal of time to explain in my own book what it is like to be seduced by “Communism under the guise of Socialism,” and was nearly a casualty to the radical agenda of the ‘60s. The reason why I am so excited about this evening is that it is the first time that I will hear what I have come to understand is the passionate determination on the part of Thanh to tell the truth and set the record straight. There is nothing like the power of a personal story, and I can hardly wait until Tuesday!

One last plug from a reviewer:

If you love living in America, read this book! If you are disenfranchised by our government, read this book! If you support capitalism, read this book. If you support socialism, read this book. If you support refugees coming to America, read this book. If you are against refugees coming to America, read this book. Regardless of your stance on these issues, this book will make you think and may even change the way you think. As my 90-year-old mother said after reading this book, “This book should be required reading for every American.”

The VVA is located at 17915 West Elm Street, Athens, Alabama, and I hope to see you there!
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner