The Element Of Passion

By: Nick Thomas

The climb to success is not an easy one. The choice to push through every obstacle and failure on the journey to a personal goal is a struggle beyond compare.

Success, in my opinion, is defined by the person speaking. Everyone has a different goal which they feel that once achieved creates success.

Success is said by pop culture to be a compilation of elements such as: hard work, persistence, late nights, rejections, sacrifices, discipline, criticism, doubts, failure, and risks.

I would argue that this list, while accurate, leaves out the most important element for true success to not only be achieved, but to be maintained.

It takes something extra.

It takes something called passion.

Passion is defined as a strong barely controllable emotion.

When there is a desire greater than the desire to sleep, deeper than the urge to give up, quit, or even do anything, but have it consume all thoughts, this is the element of passion. This is the point at which success WILL be achieved. Passion is what kicks in to start and stay the course to success when all else is depleted, and it is what will make success sustainable through the long term.

Passion is pure. It is what rests in the heart, yet finds its way out the mouth and culminates into daily action.

My passion is what pushes me. The joy I find in helping others drives me. The gift God has given me to understand the body and assimilate my knowledge in such a way to meet people where they are and guide them to a successful and sustainable healthy lifestyle is one of my greatest blessings. The winding journey full of dead ends and failures in the midst of successes and triumphs has led me to this point in my life, and I am thankful for each one. Looking back at my life and how Prime began and where it is now, it is simply undeniable that all the twists and turns have led me right where I am supposed to be, doing just what I was destined to do.

The hope I have is that as I follow my passion it will spark the motivation in others to not only identify their own passion but to chase it, to allow it to be the driving force in every aspect of life. It is my belief that if true passion is followed, it benefits everyone who comes in contact with it.

If this article speaks to you, I highly recommend you seek out more motivational, positive, and encouraging writings, videos, people to follow, etc. in the many outlets we have in our society. What you pour in is what will come out, so choose wisely for the upcoming new year. I am also proud to share that my book Prime is now available for purchase on Amazon. It is a simple but highly motivational read about my life, nutrition, and how to effectively pursue your passion.
By: Nick Thomas
owner of Prime Performance Training, and Certified Sports Nutritionist