The Commencement!

By: Jackie Warner

“They grow up fast so; enjoy them while they are young.” It is the classic statement most parents hear when their children are toddlers. Those before us have experienced how quickly life passes by. You hear it is the little things that you remember and cherish forever. Well, they are right! 3lbs and 14 ounces when she was born, not knowing if she would be okay, but God saw fit for her to be our first little girl, full of strength and attitude. Fast forward years ahead and we now have a 12th grader preparing for graduation this month.

Yes you can say as a mom I am proud and hope I have instilled in her life lessons that will take her down a path much greater than I would have ever imagined. A new beginning will start with college and then a chosen career for our first born. So hard to believe it is here already.

I vow not to be that helicopter parent always on the college campus. I really want her to breathe a little and experience her new found independence… Of course with a sense of caution that hopefully we imprinted in her mind.

It definitely will be different not having her at home, but when you really think about the true goal of parenting, it is to teach them well and have our babies to be upstanding citizens who contribute positively in our community and world.

Tips for Soon to Be College Parents… How to Release:

  • Be encouraged… they are taking a little of you with them
  • Don’t worry when they choose to text you and don’t have time to talk
  • Be a coach and motivator; allow your child to figure it out
  • Be prepared for your child to embrace change
  • Discuss finances and set expectations before they leave

Until Next Time, Be Sincere, Kind and Intentional
Jackie Warner, Community Outreach Specialist
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