Tan Lines: Full Service Tanning And A Boutique Within The Salon

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Judy Springer has been a long time “fan of the tan,” and 18 months ago was a regular customer at Tan Lines, located in Athens at 1802 Hwy 72 E, Suite G. She became aware that the owner wanted to sell, and her husband, Tim, bought it for her as “a gift, or kind of a hobby,” she told me. “I was not really looking to be a business owner,” she told me, but is loving this. Nearly 30 years ago, Judy had worked at a tanning salon in Decatur, and enjoyed both getting a tan and also serving the customers who came into the shop. I asked her to tell me more about Tan Lines, and what it has to offer.

“We are a very clean facility,” she said, “and we have a friendly staff.” There are several options regarding the tanning beds. There are 10 minute beds, 20 minute beds, stand ups, (which are popular with guys,) and my ears especially perked up when she told me that they also have infra-red beds. Medium wave infra-red light is good for all kinds of things, whether it’s something like Lyme’s, an autoimmune disease like lupus, or for improving the health of your skin. “We have an infra-red client whose face was covered with scars, and I wish we had taken a ‘before’ picture,” Judy said. “The woman’s family asked her if she had gotten plastic surgery,” she added. Normally unlimited use of the Infra-red bed is $40 per month, but during the holiday sale you can get it for $20. I told her I am planning on getting an infra red package for myself as part of my ongoing offensive against Lyme’s disease.

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Tan Lines also has the only spray tan service in Athens that does not use a spray booth, but has a person who is skilled with an airbrush, and does the work freestanding. They use a high end spray tan formula, the same one that is used for the television show, Dancing With The Stars. “It’s a good way to get a quick tan that doesn’t turn you orange,” she said. It lasts an average of a week. Much of the Tan Lines spray tan business comes from people who want to look their best for a special occasion, a prom, wedding, or a holiday. “Just the other day we received a thank you note from one of our clients,” said Judy. She went on to tell me that the note said, “I just got my pictures back, and thank you, I look awesome.”

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They have special packages for all of their services, and during the months of November and December you can get 4 spray tans for $69.50. “A woman came in yesterday who is from Indiana, and can’t use the tanning beds. Her mother told her to come to Tan Lines, and she was so pleased with her spray tan that she bought the package,” said Judy. The November-December specials are all 50% off, and you can purchase them as gifts to be used at any time. The one month unlimited basic package for tanning is $25, and the super package is $32.50 The super tan package has beds that are bigger, have stronger bulbs that work in about half the time, as well as the stand up bed.

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Tan Lines also carries bath balms made by Musee Boutique. For the holidays, the bath balms have Christmas trees and Santas hidden in them, and you don’t see them until the balm has dissolved in the water. “They make a great little gift,” said Judy. They also sell “It Works,” which is an herbal preparation that temporarily helps your body shed inches and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

11-20-2015 2-28-37 PMJudy told me with great gratitude what it has meant for her husband to give her the gift of being a successful business owner. However, a few months ago she was able to do something that has been a lifelong passion, and that is, open a clothing boutique. “We started small, and it is growing quickly,” she said. “We have dresses, jewelry, leggings, and purses, and they are the same clothing lines that other shops in the Athens area are carrying. But we are able to charge an average of $2 less for our things because of the success of the tanning salon, and we pass those savings on to the customer,” she said. Judy went on to tell me, “Everyday I try to wear something from my own store, and people are always asking me where I got it. I have so much fun telling them, and our place is unique because you can tan, go shopping just a few feet away, and leave the store with a new outfit.”

On Saturday, Nov 21st, from 10-4, Tan Lines is going to have an Open House. All clothing will be 10% off, the first 20 people will receive something from Musee Boutique Bath Balms, and there will be refreshments. If this sounds like a winning combination for tanning, boutique shopping, and your holiday gift giving, then come see Judy or Morgan at Tan Lines, and leave feeling as well as looking great.
Tan Lines
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By: Ali Elizabeth Turner