T & T Plumbing And Mechanical: Looking Forward To Serving More Friends And Valued Customers

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

Greg and Beverly Tarpley met in the 6th grade and have been sweethearts ever since. Greg was born in East Limestone, and was a “transplant,” his family settling in Anderson. Greg and Bev graduated in 1985. They married right out of high school, and their firstborn son, Kyle, came along three years later, followed by Jesse. The Tarpleys have always been hard workers, built their lives, went to church and raised their kids. For several years, Greg worked in the auto body repair business, and then began to learn and do the often thankless but crucial “art” of plumbing. Greg went on to become a certified master plumber and knows every aspect of the mechanical plumbing side of poultry processing plants. For fourteen years, he was on the road taking care of the plants, Bev worked locally in logistics, and the family all greatly missed Greg.

Greg and Bev came to a place where they knew it was time to make some huge shifts on several fronts, and Greg quit his job in order to start his own plumbing business in 2017. Bev joined him in the business a year later, and in talking to her, I could tell that all the risks, changes, and hard work both without and within are paying off. For one thing, both Greg and Bev are getting a chance to help take care of their grandson, and that little guy just lights them right up. “Greg is home,” said Bev with a smile, and they are all glad. I first met Bev when she joined our BNI chapter a few months ago, along with their son, Jesse, who works with them in the business. Two words describe the Tarpleys: good people.

Greg had a number of things he wanted the people of North Alabama to know about T & T Plumbing and Mechanical, and so the following is what he would tell you in a face-to-face meeting. This is what the Tarpleys bring to the table and why they are a good choice for any type of plumbing need, whether it’s mechanical, repair, or as a part of new construction:

“We are a family owned and operated business out of Anderson, AL. We strive to supply each and every customer with the best support and expertise to fix any problems or concerns they may have. Not only do we fix the problem at hand, we also try to educate each customer as to how to prevent the problem from happening again. Not everything is preventable, but some things are.

Our work speaks for itself, whether it’s a dripping sink or a new construction home, no job is too big or small. We offer full service and emergency service around the clock to help out with those pesky late night mishaps to “get you going back” as quickly as possible. We have 25 years combined experience in this business; a master plumber and two journeymen plumbers. We at T & T Plumbing and Mechanical look forward to serving you and our friends, neighbors and valued customers.”

T & T Plumbing and Mechanical is available throughout North Alabama, and it’s easy to tell that they genuinely care about Alabamians. We have just celebrated Veterans’ Day, a time to say thank you to our military service members, and are heading toward Thanksgiving, a time to thank God for our innumerable blessings. Vets are some of the folks on their list of people they love to serve. One of Greg’s dreams is to someday be able to be on the construction team of a house that is built and donated to a catastrophically injured veteran as a way of tangibly expressing his gratitude for being an American.

Bev also told me that T & T Plumbing and Mechanical’s “list” of people toward whom they feel protective includes the elderly as well as single moms. Having been a single mom myself a long time ago, I can say from experience that I know what it is like to be unsure what to do, and remember how grateful I was for a good plumber who did not take advantage of my state or my ignorance. I think that’s why I feel so honored to tell the “Tarpley Tale.” Bev told me with sweetness and humility, “We just want to honor God, be affordable, support our families, and support the families of our employees.”

I finished our interview time by asking Bev if T & T had what could be called a “dream customer.” She thought for a moment and then replied, “Someone who is loyal and long-term, and someone we can have a relationship with.” If this sounds like what you are looking for to meet your plumbing needs, then give T & T Plumbing and Mechanical a call today.
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner