Sunset Swim Club: Gearing Up For The 2013 Season

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One of the more spectacular stories to come out of the historic 2011 tornadoes was the destruction of Sunset Swim Club on Mooresville Road. The Swim Club had been opened for 17 years. The only thing left was the pump and filter, and there was even a car teetering on the edge of the pool. The buildings were flattened, the ladders to get in and out of the pool were twisted like pretzels, and it was a mess.

It took a year to rebuild, but owner Angelo Azzarello and his son Vincent were able to open the one million gallon pool for the 2012 traditional summer season that starts each Memorial Day Weekend and lasts through Labor Day. They are gearing up for a successful 2013 season and want you to know why they are the best swimming value in the Valley.

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Sunset Swim Club boasts a pool that is 200 feet long and 80 feet wide, and is the largest outdoor rectangular pool in the state of Alabama. That is just the beginning of a long list of amenities. There is a baby pool, a basketball court, and you can play volleyball, water basketball, horseshoes, and ping pong. There are first come, first serve grills for cook outs. You just need to bring your charcoal, lighter fluid and meat. For an extra fee you can have a birthday party for your kids, and there are two one meter boards off of which to dive.

Something I also especially liked when visiting was the secure area that is set aside for members to bring and store their pool toys, air mattresses, etc, so they wouldn’t need to haul them back and forth all summer. They offer free swimming lessons for kids that start in June and end in July. The swim classes are for the littlest ones who need to get comfortable with blowing bubbles to beginners learning kicks and strokes to intermediate swimmers. “We offer free swimming lessons to make the Club a safer place for families to enjoy swimming,” said Vincent. And you can even take classes to learn how to be a lifeguard.

5-17-2013 1-45-46 PMSo, why should we get a family membership? “Because we try to have a friendly family atmosphere,” said Vincent. “You have a chance to meet new people and make new friends,” he added. “Since we are open until 8pm, you can come after work for a relaxing swim and spend quality time with your family. The lifeguards are excellent, and very vigilant,” added Vincent. “Families can come and do something together rather than just watch TV. We also clean the pool every morning, and stay completely on top of taking care of the chemicals,” he stated. “A mother who has a family membership told me that one of the things she especially likes is the cleanliness of the water, which we pride ourselves in,” Vincent commented.

There are concessions available, but families are welcome to bring in their own food if they choose. This is especially nice for large families who prefer to bring in their own coolers with snacks and drinks for the day. So, from the baby pool to the high dive, Sunset Swim Club is just the place for you and family to enjoy swimming, playing, lounging and building wonderful memories for the summer.
There is a reason that families come back year after year–come see for yourself. Call or stop by to find out about a season membership. Jump on in, the water for you and your family will be just fine!
Sunset Swim Club
14128 Mooresville Rd
Athens, AL 35613
By: Deborah Huff